if I could turn back time [12/365]

I’ve forbidden myself to even think about going down that path. Once I read a quote that made total sense to me, and it’s tucked away, safely, in my quotes folder:

Each moment you dwell on the past is a moment stolen from your future…

Instead, I went back one year in my blog, only to find that nothings’s changed — I haven’t become a creative person 🙂


I was happy with how the post came out — I remember writing it straight from the heart, no pausing or editing, but I haven’t managed to force myself to become creative.

A song popped up in my mind, when I thought of this title [If I could turn back time], but my memory played a trick on me; I thought it was Annie Lennox. Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of her — she gives me the impression she’s made of cold, hard ice.

However, it’s Cher who made that song … I like Cher.

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