I had a question about how to do something here in WordPress so I wrote to support. Got a reply promptly, explaining how to do it — they gave me the link where to go, which I followed. Kept gazing at that page, there was no sign of the links they’d said would be there. They even said where they would appear. Thought I was going nutty, but I wrote back and told them.

After a few minutes, I got a new link and … voila! the links appeared! Even got that nice, little chat-box down in the right corner … I’ve been missing that for quite some time! I looked at the two links they’d sent me to see what the difference was, but couldn’t figure it out — they looked the same!

Because I’m a curious person, I wrote back again … to thank them, but also ask about this phenomenon. They said they were transitioning something to the new interface, so the second link took me to the old. This wasn’t entirely true, because while I was in the first, I wasn’t in the old wp-admin. Talk about confusing people. I will keep track of the second one, in case I want the chat-box [the one that says «How can we help?»

This post might be of no interest to some, but to others it may be of a little interest.

25 Replies to “transition”

  1. They are usually very quick in getting back to their users. I suspect they are referring to that nasty new interface, i think it’s called Calypso.

      1. Absolutely not! I sent a very direct email to WP a week or so ago explaining my dislike in detail, of the new interface. Good Lord, if it works then don’t fix it!!

        1. They argue they put it out because they want users input … but really! That should have been an almost finished product, with minor bugs … I would have understood that.

          1. I agree, the update should have been complete before being released. Tough to see the logic in this, more so considering that WP claims to power 25% of the web.

            1. OR … if they’d put out in a Beta, like most other companies do — let a smaller group test it first. I don’t see their reasoning in this case.

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with the internet because it can get confusing even when I am looking for something I think is straight forward. On top of that is the gigo phenomenom that was one of the very first truths I learned way, way back when computers came to the masses….gigo = garbage in garbage out.

  3. Hmm, funny this sort of situation has come up again, isn’t it, Bekah?
    Why is it that some companies (who appear to have the market cornered) suddenly feel that finesse is unnecessary?; )
    Too big to fail ? Not!

    1. It’s very strange, especially considering how long this has been going on, and they never seem to get finished.

      Now we have two, different interfaces — the old in the background, for them who know how to get there [the new users won’t see the link to the old].

  4. It’s like I said. Everyone keeps throwing new stuff out there and no one is minding the store. It is really frustrating to me. I got that Selphy Printer and the app doesn’t work any more rendering it useless. It’s been this way some time and nothing but crickets from them.

    1. I’ll try not to think about it, but it’s been more than one year [if not two] they’ve been at it now! At least it’s free … imagine them who are paying for this.

  5. There is a chat box??? I did not know that Rebby! See you do provide useful info about WP I still know nothing about after 3+ years here!!! Thank you my friend!

    1. It’s a blue button down in the right corner, when you’re in your dashboard … and it’s not always present. Text on button is «How can we help?»

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