IMG_2240Comments in my previous post led me to think about the notebook I bought last summer in Quebec. It was rather expensive, it’s beautiful, Italian leather … in fact it’s so fine so I don’t know what to use it for. I want to use it, but can’t come up with anything important enough to write there, and I don’t want to make a mess of it. Ever so often I bring it out and look at it, touching the wonderful leather … the type that only gets more beautiful as it gets worn, over the years.

I’ve also thought about what would happen if I were to fill it up, which is bizarre, coming from a person who doesn’t know what to write — but in that case, I couldn’t find a refill for it.

My blogging buddy, David B., has been on a trip to Florence, Italy recently, and as I followed the blog, I only realised I’d probably get ruined if I went there — all the Italian handbags!!!

25 Replies to “Notes”

  1. Use it, write in it. Quotes things in your head, sketch in it. Don’t save it. So you mess something up. Get a calligraphy pen and practice using it with some nice ink. Go to Jet Pens and look around but use it. Then save it to go back and look at. Don’t get replacement paper. Go get another whole new notebook. I have leaned one thing from my family. Use it now or someone will get a beautiful blank notebook when you are long gone. Leave them something to read.

    1. Good point … great point, actually. Now I WILL write something — the sketching will come later. Took a course in calligraphy in the 90s, but I won’t do that there.

  2. No refills, hmm… So it’ll need to be a Story then, as opposed to a Journal. The tale of meeting Gerry, perhaps?

  3. This is truly a lovely leather piece (and the saddle-tan colour is a personal favourite: ) Perhaps you could make your own paper for a refill? Is the paper in a sheaf and tied inside or fitted like the protective cover on a library book?

  4. So beautiful. I have done the same. Bought a beautiful journal and just wanted to look at it. Now that I have done a few art journal workshops, I have a whole new outlook. I am so glad you decided to use it. Also, as a side note, if you really really think you can’t live with a page, paint over it with gesso or white paint or glue pictures or photos or mementos or sayings over it like a collage.

    1. Oh, and when you totally fill it, love it, and then pamper yourself and go buy another one and begin again. Isn’t it wonderful to have something so lovely to think about.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. I’ve just had it out here now [to take that picture of it open in the other comment], and I really love it! ❤

    2. For starters, I’ll probably just write — I’m so not creative that way, like my art friends. I know now what art journal is, but when they first started to talk about it, I had to look it up 🙂 I might be able to do a pencil drawing of a cat face LOL

  5. I’m as impressed by your notebook as by your lighter. I have a few fancy notebooks myself and nothing meaningful to write in them. Well, hopefully one day we’ll figure it out…

    1. I put the lighter there, to give an idea about the size of it 🙂 Tried to write in it now, a while ago, but it’s hard because I’m left handed …

      1. It must be a challenge to be left-handed, it’s easy to forget for us right-handed people. I was apparently born left-handed but was forced to switch by unkind kindergarten teachers.

        1. They had just decided to stop forcing kids, when I started school. They only asked me to just try and write with the right hand for a while. When that didn’t work, they never mentioned it again.

          1. That was good. I still suspect that being forced to switch to the right hand messed up with my brain a little 😮 I grew up under communism, so things and people were being normalised, no questions asked.

    1. Yes, and it hit me too in 2004! Was giving away lots of stuff I couldn’t/wouldn’t bring with me here, to Canada. I’d done the same thing so many times; bought something that was so fine so I wouldn’t use it! It was terrible.

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