making lists [9/365]

While I was working, I kept noticing most little, old ladies, that came to see the doctor, brought lists with stuff they wanted to talk with him or her about.

Yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment of my own. We sat there, going through the results of my blood-work, talking about all kinds of stuff, like EVOO [extra virgin olive oil 🙂 ], grape seed oil and Omega3, which resulted in me getting out of there without talking about what I meant to bring up.

Perhaps I’ve reached a point in my life where I, too, have to start making lists. I’ve read recommendations, that you jot down what you want to talk about, before your doctor’s appointment, because «it’s a ‘stressful situation’, and you tend to forget». Well, the part about ‘stressful situation’ certainly isn’t true in my case … it’s like going to see a friend and chat for a while. I just need to stay focused 🙂 and I’m sure thankful we’ve got such a nice family doctor. They’re hard to come by here, in this province!

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