making lists

While I was working, I kept noticing most little, old ladies, that came to see the doctor, brought lists with stuff they wanted to talk with him or her about.

Yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment of my own. We sat there, going through the results of my blood-work, talking about all kinds of stuff, like EVOO [extra virgin olive oil 🙂 ], grape seed oil and Omega3, which resulted in me getting out of there without talking about what I meant to bring up.

Perhaps I’ve reached a point in my life where I, too, have to start making lists. I’ve read recommendations, that you jot down what you want to talk about, before your doctor’s appointment, because «it’s a ‘stressful situation’, and you tend to forget». Well, the part about ‘stressful situation’ certainly isn’t true in my case … it’s like going to see a friend and chat for a while. I just need to stay focused 🙂 and I’m sure thankful we’ve got such a nice family doctor. They’re hard to come by here, in this province!

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  1. Lol, sounds like a checklist might be good – just to get all of the “Talking Points” covered before the conversation; )
    But, you are so lucky to have a doctor like this! They’re hard to come by here, as well… ):

  2. Perhaps the government has removed incentives for going into the medical field as has happened here in certain ways. I have been making a daily list of needful things to be done for a long time now, since I was in my 40’s. Too many lost weekends in my younger years have caused a deficit of brain cell power. My wife is now my memory.

    1. I think there are many aspects of it … New Brunswick being the poorest province, doesn’t make it very attractive to young doctors — many of them go to the States too, I think.

      I was never much of a list-person, but that may change. Well, I used to write grocery lists, and as soon as I’d written it down [by hand], I remembered it all. Not the same phenomenon tapping something on the phone, though. There’s a great list app, Wonderlist.

  3. I always make lists. I am a list maker by inclination. I have trouble deciding which form of list to use. Will it be pen to paper – a sheet folded in three? Will it be a Moleskine book? Will it be Apple Reminders? Will it be Wunderlist? Will it be SimpleNote, Evernote, Omnifocus, Or something else? 🙂

    1. LOL Yeah … which one to choose?! I bought a notebook when I was in Quebec City, last summer — beautiful, Italian leather, but it’s so fine so I don’t even know what to write there! 🙂

      In this case, about the Dr’s office, it would have had to be paper of some sort.

      Of all the nice list apps, I’m mostly drawn to SimpleNote … perhaps because it is just that; simple! 🙂

      1. Lol, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who buys a beautiful notebook only to hold back until having something “important” enough to write down. I also, quite literally, don’t want to make a mess of it…

        1. Yes, I’m still trying to figure out what’s important enough. I don’t want to make a mess of it — it’s kind of sad, though … it’s so beautiful, I would like to use it somehow 😀

          1. Indeed! Good luck with deciding…
            Maybe we should (both; ) just take the plunge and know that anything we truly feel is worth writing on paper?

  4. I usually take a list with me when I go to the doctor because I find we get talking about things and I inevitable forget something I meant to ask and since I don’t go very often….
    Yesterday my sweetie had a 9 a.m. appointment with an ayurvedic/ medical doctor – the consultation lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes! He said, afterwards,for the first time in his life, he felt that he was truly listened to by a doctor.

    1. I will definitely start next time, since I only go once a year, if nothing out of the ordinary happens.

      That’s a wonderful thing, he’s found a doctor who listens to him. We have too, here, and we often talk about how lucky we were. I’ve met both kinds …

    2. This wonderful news Joss! So, could you please let us know how the Ayurveda works out for your Sweetie (just “generally speaking”, of course; ) as it’s something I’ve often thought about exploring, myself…

    1. Jag brukar ha en inköpslista för mataffären igång. Oftast glömmer jag den hemma, men kommer ihåg vad jag hade skrivit upp där … så det är ganska bra 🙂

  5. Lists have been my friend since….gosh who knows when. I may look at Simple note, however every year I buy a daily book to keep up with just about everything.
    I suppose I could write again…I found that Blogging 101 was too stressful; gratitude 365 was great but then I am grateful for everything….and I am concentrating on checking every thing to make sure I have followed all instructions.
    The 5HIAA takes 14 tubes of blood… I clotted after two so I mostly drink water and go to the bathroom so we can try again next week. I knew you would understand this medical problem.

    1. SimpleNote is nice, and free. Same owners as WordPress. I don’t want to limit myself, so I write about whatever comes to mind. Otherwise there wouldn’t be anything at all, if I’d had to focus on rules ‘n stuff. 14 tubes, that’s a lot. I’ve been thinking a lot about vials with blood, as I’ve been binge watching a documentary on Netflix.

  6. Happens to me too… lol and I am lucky to have my Doctor as well! He should’ve retired a couple of years ago but he is still there! Not sure for how long he can keep up though… will probably never get a Doctor like that again! 😦

    1. Our guy is fairly young, so I just hope he’ll stay. Think I’ll have to make a new appointment now, that I forgot what I wanted to bring up LOL. Otherwise I only go once a year …

  7. I used to not write anything down and I am not stressed by the doctors so much as just the getting there, getting a parking spot and getting to the office. I have to drive 30 miles and they have put all doctors in the same place at the hospital so it is like a huge metroplex. I also used to not take the kind of medication I do now. But all my doctors follow regulations of the same hospital so you get a paper from the front desk and it asks about any problems you may have had since the last visit, why you are there that day and what you would like to discuss so it gives you time to think and they give it to the doctor before you go in. It works very well.

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