second coming 😊

IMG_2223Before Christmas we bought three amaryllis bulbs, and they were in full bloom just the right time. Now they’re all back, blooming again! Quite amazing to follow … how all this beauty can come out of that dry, little bulb!

This is an iPhone photo, somewhat altered in an app called iColorama.

18 Replies to “second coming 😊”

  1. WOW, I see a green throat and very subtle pink stripes on the petals… Omg, Bekah; this is SUCH a gorgeous Amaryllis!!
    Did it happen to come with a “name”, by any chance? And where did you get them from; you did say that they were bare-root, I think?

    1. We don’t have the box anymore, so I don’t know the name. They were all bought in Sobeys, I don’t know what bare-root means, but they were bulbs. The pink one is out now too, and it’s HUGE. Five flowers

      1. “Bare-root” means the bulb is in dormancy – has been dried and stored – ready for planting, but not in soil.

    1. Lots of light in this apartment … that’s what struck me during the showing. We can never have the heating on, because it’s so hot in the building itself, and that’s probably a good thing too, for plants 🙂

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