new word [5/365]

I don’t know how many words there are in the English language, and I doubt there’s an exact number, but there sure are many … compared to my native tongue. Almost every day I keep learning new ones, and yesterday was one of those times. Was reading some woman’s blog [outside the WordPress blogosphere], she was writing about the new year and some type of resolution she’d made. Her «intention word» for this year was ‘coalesce‘. I kept staring at it, had no idea what it meant or how to pronounce it.

Nowadays, we have so many, helpful websites, just a click away, but more importantly; I have my husband! A living dictionary 🙂 Even though everything is very well explained in Webster’s, and my Swedish Tyda — you can even listen to the pronunciation —  it’s a different thing to talk it over with a native speaker.

So, now I know coalesce. Never finished reading that blog post where I saw it, it got too tiresome, but I guess she must have felt she’d spread herself out all over the place, or something.

If I’ll stick to my gratitude theme, there are several things in this post to be thankful for: over and above all, my husband, of course, but also the ease with which I can reach those online dictionaries. In 1996, the first time I went online, I didn’t know the word ‘gender’ (!), I was at work and had to run around the whole clinic to find the only Swedish-English dictionary we had there 🙂

So … after almost twelve years of living in the English-speaking world, I’ve incorporated ‘coalesce’ into my my vocabulary. You never know … it might come in handy some time. 🙂

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