sleep [4/365]

Sleep is a beautiful thing … when you do get it. I did sleep last night, but it wasn’t very good quality sleep. Very vivid dreams. They weren’t exactly nightmares, but … unsettling. Got up once, around 3 o’clock, went to the washroom, hoping I would fall back asleep quickly. I must have done so, but I had time to think about how grateful I was I didn’t have to go to work in the morning.

IMG_2214-minHow I remember sleepless nights, staring at the clock radio, knowing how tired I’d be at work the following day. It also became a vicious circle, the later it got, the more desperate I became. The numbers on the clock radio became area codes in Sweden, which I know/knew most of them.

If I got as far as Karlshamn, it was really bad because it would have meant five minutes to five in the morning (0454 phone area code). This meaningless knowledge stems from working as a switchboard operator, for a few years, in my youth.

This may sound as if I were an insomniac — I’m not … at all! It just happens every now and then.

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