blogging [3/365]

This particular concept of blogging — what I’m doing here — I love it! Nothing too serious, merely social. I got drawn to it already back in 2006 when Yahoo had its Y360, and I never really stopped. Facebook could never replace this for me. I do have my account there, but quite often it feels as if I have to.

Here, it’s a delight getting up in the morning, checking comments. This subject also connects with my first one in this series; «Home». It’s my little ‘home on the web’ . Childish?! Yes, perhaps but so be it! 🙂

Right now, I also have the right balance of blogs I follow. There were times, in the beginning, when I followed too many, so looking in the Reader felt like a chore. I always have to watch out, so it doesn’t get overwhelming as I do want my comments to have at least a little bitof substance in them.

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