Fibre optics

IMG_2199-minFor about a year now, we’ve had fibre optics in this building. All those boxes … they sit there, on the wall, gleaming, and I have no idea what they do. They do it well, though! Never any problems.

We had lots of problems before we got it. The wifi kept going in and out — you just never knew when you were going to lose it. These are the little annoyances of the modern world, and I still remember the sound of dial-up-internet.


But I still thought the fibre optics should make it to my list of things I’m thankful for. It’s stable, and it was so unexpected that we got it.

Three or four years ago, some big company came here to Saint John and they wired the whole city … except our building. The ironic part was they stayed here in the building, while they were at it. Every night we saw all those white trucks, lining up on the parking lot. Our friendly Internet provider, Bell, kept pushing FibreOp but when asked, they said we wouldn’t get it. It was up to the landlord.

6528112989_5ab140b8ed_bSo, 2011 I took this picture of a small, rotating Christmas tree we have here, saying «this is the only fibre optics we’ll ever get here!»

Things can change to the better! Guess our landlord came to the realisation it would increase the value.



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17 thoughts on “Fibre optics

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  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Lol, this seems to be a universal problem! I know Locksmiths’ whose doors and mechanics’ whose cars need work. I know that I hated to cook at home when I was working in a kitchen all day. (Not that was why you weren’t getting an upgrade from the fibre-optic installation crew, but that is the way it seems to go; )

    1. Rebekah Post author

      It was a major undertaking to wire a 160-unit building, and they wanted as many as possible to sign up first. Each unit took two hours, once they were finished wiring the corridors ‘n stuff.

      1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

        Makes sense. It’s always more costly to retrofit, than during a building’s construction.
        Funny though, eh? Asking that question now would almost be like asking if you’d like running water; )

    1. Rebekah Post author

      Yeah, the place you live in now is just temporary, right?!

      I took that picture when I was more ambitious with my photography.

  3. suzink

    It was probably just the headache of dealing with something new and maybe price. You know what I went through and my wifi isn’t as far reaching and have been told by an installer that I have the box that is supposed to reach really far. HA!

    1. Rebekah Post author

      Yes. The problems you’ve had there … they’re unbelievable … and those phone calls! Ours were strange, because the wifi went out pretty much the same TIME every day. The whole thing went out — TV too! They never managed to sort it out.


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