2016-01-01 [01/365

Happy New Year to you, bloggeroos!

It’s the, very monochrome, steel grey, morning of New Year’s Day and my little project is commencing. One post a day, can’t believe it’s been five years since we did this! I was so enthusiastic when I read WordPress had started this! Myself and another, likewise excited, blogger, said we’d see to that we added at least one, new ‘follower’ each day! Wow … how little we knew! We would have ended up with 365 bloggers to follow and comment on — wold have been worse than a full-time-job!

Anyway, I’m glad they [WP] started it then, as I’ve met such  a nice bunch of blogger buddies thanks to it, and also that they do have all these little projects and seem to care about their users [even though they’ve gone astray with the editor].

I will do this 365-thing. Notice I’m not saying ‘I will try to do this …’. If I say «try», that means I have 50% chance of succeeding 😀 It will be related to gratitude, and most of the time a picture to go with it, but perhaps not always.

IMG_2195-minToday’s word of gratitude is «HOME».

Even if everything should be taken away from me, at least I have a warm home, where I belong. I’m not much of a «wherever I hang my hat-type of person». When I see the homeless people, here in the city, pushing some cart, with their few ‘belongings’, it never fails to strike me, how lucky I am.

This post became longer than they will in the future, as it was  an introduction of sorts 🙂 If you feel like taking part in this; please, don’t forget to tag your posts «postaday».

4 Replies to “2016-01-01 [01/365”

    1. Tack!

      ‘Hittar på orden’ … jag förstår inte riktigt frågan.

      Nej, det är ingen fotoutmaning, det är bara något jag bestämt mig för själv.

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