2016-01-01 New Year’s Day

Happy New Year to you, bloggeroos!

It’s the, very monochrome, steel grey, morning of New Year’s Day and my little project is commencing. One post a day, can’t believe it’s been five years since we did this! I was so enthusiastic when I read WordPress had started this! Myself and another, likewise excited, blogger, said we’d see to that we added at least one, new ‘follower’ each day! Wow … how little we knew! We would have ended up with 365 bloggers to follow and comment on — wold have been worse than a full-time-job!

Anyway, I’m glad they [WP] started it then, as I’ve met such  a nice bunch of blogger buddies thanks to it, and also that they do have all these little projects and seem to care about their users [even though they’ve gone astray with the editor].

I will do this 365-thing. Notice I’m not saying ‘I will try to do this …’. If I say «try», that means I have 50% chance of succeeding 😀 It will be related to gratitude, and most of the time a picture to go with it, but perhaps not always.

IMG_2195-minToday’s word of gratitude is «HOME».

Even if everything should be taken away from me, at least I have a warm home, where I belong. I’m not much of a «wherever I hang my hat-type of person». When I see the homeless people, here in the city, pushing some cart, with their few ‘belongings’, it never fails to strike me, how lucky I am.

This post became longer than they will in the future, as it was  an introduction of sorts 🙂 If you feel like taking part in this; please, don’t forget to tag your posts «postaday».

36 Replies to “2016-01-01 New Year’s Day”

    1. Thanks, Linda ! That’s a thought, but I don’t think so … I’m doing this on my own for now and if others want to join in, that’s wonderful!

      1. Thanks for the reply. I like the thought, if you would like to take on the task, it could be helpful. We could choose to use cue or if not relevant to us, then wander off on our own 🙃

        1. Yes, I normally write in the mornings, so that’s fine … I’ll have to dream something up anyway 🙂 It will be easy in the beginning 😉

  1. Good day, R.
    Good NEW day. And in a way isn’t it like New Years day every day?
    I love the path of sharing gratefulness. A worthy goal.
    I won’t be doing Post a day, but, God help me, I will be going back to writing something each day — cause that’s what I do. (Oh how silly that sounds, but I am not into deleting and editing this morning.) Recently I found myself critical of a person who refused to share much at all of who she really is and then I realized the finger pointed back at myself. So many times I sanitize my posts or responses – because parts of them sound silly or unsophisticated or downright stupid and what if someone thought that about me?
    Today, I just say “Oh well.”
    Love to read you, and picture my friend way up there in the grey north. (But, hey, it’s pretty grey in Florida today too.)
    My best wishes in your endeavor.


    1. Thank you so much, and how well said — how often haven’t I found the finger pointing right back at myself! 🙂

      Since it been five years, I’m hoping, at least, to find that my writing English has improved somewhat. I still have that dailypost-blog tucked away in a safe place, so I can go back and check it out.

      The difference this time, is that I have this little gratitude-theme, which will make it so much easier for me. The well of things to be thankful for is immense!

      All the best to you, down there 🙂

  2. Gratitude is such a good idea.

    Looking forward to reading your posts. And having a home and not being homeless is a big thing to be grateful for.

    Which makes me wonder why I grumble so much to myself??


    1. Yes, that was my main reason for choosing ‘gratitude’; I grumble too … and often feel disgruntled. That’s not good, so I thought perhaps doing this could help alter my pattern of thoughts 🙂

      1. I’ve been nodding in agreement throughout your post and all of the ensuing conversation: ) I’d read so far; but I need to stop and respond to your point here – right this instant – that “perhaps doing this could help alter my pattern of thoughts “… I think you may have just struck gold and, although I won’t be writing on WordPress, I will be keeping my own daily Journal of Gratitude. Thanks for this great suggestion Bekah! Wishing you & Gerry (and everyone else here; ) a very Happy New Year!

      1. Oh no, not the falling snowflakes… I meant those in your header/ background that look like an icy blue brocade: )

  3. I think of my home often and even if it is a lot of upkeep, I too, am grateful to have a home. I remember it was one of the things my mom said so often after my dad passed.

  4. Fun to follow your ambitious 365 day gratitude “project.”
    I have also always been a “homebody” and am grateful to have a place to live. There are too many in today’s world who do not have a place to call home.

    1. Me too, about being a homebody, and I think that’s what made me start with that. I hadn’t seen many homeless persons before I came here.

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