almost over

The lads … Gerry’s two sons, arrived on the 24th, they stayed for two nights, and then drove back to Quebec. That was a good thing, considering the weather — they just missed the snowstorm. We had a good time and ate well.

Some time ago, I happened to come across a blog in Blogger … a Swedish woman living out in California, blogging in Swedish. She happened to be in Sweden when I found her blog, she was making lots of interesting observations there, and I liked what I was reading in general. She had a great following, and had been writing diligently for, I don’t know how many years.

As I was reading there, I felt increasingly regretful that I hadn’t done that — started a blog in my native tongue when I moved! It would have been interesting, if for no one else, so for myself, to have all those memories written down, from that exciting time. I did make a few half-hearted attempts, but nothing much came out of them, and they weren’t exactly «expat blogs» either.

Anyhow, now I was thinking «better late than never», so I started one. Wrote down as much as I could remember from the time leading up to my move … how I met Gerry, went to visit and all that. This of course has taken a great deal of time, but now I’m up to present time. It’s a lot of fun, and I have a few followers.

Even though I don’t feel I have any problems expressing myself in English, it is a whole different thing, writing in your native tongue. I think it will always be that way, unless you’ve been growing up bilingual. It’s as if I’m more «me»!

In addition to this, I’m going to take part in a project called Gratitude365, starting 1st of January. I’m looking forward to it a lot. At first, I was thinking I’d do it in a private journal, but then again … it’s fun to share, so I decided to set it up in a separate blog. There is a web site about this, and it’s very much up to yourself, how you do it. I will try and take a picture most days, but other days there might be only text. Here’s the link, in case anyone is interested.

All this will sure keep me busy online next year, but that’s what I like! ‘Next year‘, by the way … that sounds so far away, but there are only four days left of 2015.


15 Replies to “almost over”

  1. I love the photos on your native blog. I remember some of them from Yahoo 360 and that is when it is nice to have all those photos. I am still amazed that you have learned English so well and have picked up some of the slang here and there and used it in the right way. Slang is the hardest thing to pick up and understand in the cross over of language. I understand some French and can recognize sentences but not well enough to write in.

    1. Thanks 🙂 I will continue to add old photos to that blog as I go along. It gets so much funner when you have a few followers — especially since they’re in a somewhat similar situation [at least we’ve left Sweden, we have that in common].

      Living with a linguist helps a lot LOL … and one thing I’m careful about is to never use an expression before I’m really sure of its meaning. That saves me from making too big a fool of myself. I never learned enough French to put a sentence together … only a bunch of nouns. Mainly food nouns from the grocery store 🙂

  2. Great idea writing a blog in your Native tongue Rebby!!! I think it is like writing a journal/diary!
    I am looking forward to your Gratitude project!!
    I do this (almost) daily…it helps a lot….keeps me sane & grounded. 😉

    1. Thanks, and it feels great! I actually have something to write about … a story to tell, and it feels wonderful to be reminded of that I actually can write! LOL The feedback helps a lot, of course …

      Yep, I’ll start that on the 1st. In my mind, I do it all the time, so why not put it down … on the Web!

  3. I think you writing down your story will be cathartic…there is something healing about writing about the past…
    I belong to a group online (recovery) & we do daily G-Lists: 5 things/people/situations we are grateful for…it helps also!

    1. Since I left Sweden, twelve [almost 13] years ago, I’ve never had contact with any other expat, so reading this other woman’s blog is amazing — finding out that I wasn’t alone about all those thoughts and feelings 🙂

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