Changing Seasons blog event 2016

My blogging buddy, Cardinal Guzman, will continue the Changing Seasons event in 2016 and this time I will take part. Failed miserably last year, even though I was so enthusiastic in the beginning. If I can blame it on anything else but myself, it got to be last winter! It was really something else, and I didn’t live up to the challenge. Rockwood Park, which was my chosen subject for the event, looked the same each time I got there: snow, snow … more snow. That in itself presented more of a challenge to me … to take different photos of all the snow, but I got fed up and quit. Normally, I’m not a quitter, so this time I’m looking forward to it.

You choose a place near you, shoot 1 to 20 pictures of it, around the last of every month for a year. The Cardinal has written up a good introduction here. It is now also listed in WordPress’ blogging events, which will attract more partakers.

10 Replies to “Changing Seasons blog event 2016”

  1. I’m just as you, I was excited at the start and then I somehow failed to come through… My chosen location looked all the boring same all the time, just the trees had more leaves in summer and that’s it.

    1. That was exactly how I felt too, but I guess that was the challenge — to make something interesting out of it. Will do better this time. I regretted I quit last time … every month, when I looked at his …

  2. Sounds like it was more of a challenge than it initially appeared; )
    Perhaps, now that you’ve got a handle on the complexity, it’ll be easier to focus?; ). Looking forward to what you come up with – or will you be posting those photos here?

  3. Woohoo! Glad that you’ve decided to join for 2016 as well. I’m not sure how many partakers that will come from the WordPress’ blogging events, but hopefully a few. So far the listing there hasn’t influenced the visitor statistics. I don’t think there’s many bloggers that go there to look for challenges.

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