Quite often companies are being bought by bigger companies … mergers … but I’m certainly not going to write about that. I’m not into big business! What intrigues me though, as an «Internet-user», is when a company/startup/app is bought by a bigger company, and then they do nothing with it — they shut it down.

This started to bother me already back in 1997 or -98, when Disney bought my favourite chat server [WBS] and shut it down. WBS had millions of users.

Facebook bought FriendFeed. That, I could at least understand a bit, as I figure Facebook wanted their expertise or something like that.

Twitter bought Posterous and shut it down. That, I don’t understand. They [Twitter] must have paid lots of money for it, and I don’t get it, what they wanted it for, when they didn’t do anything with it. Posterous was a blogging platform …

DropBox bought MailBox, and I got an email the other day, telling me MailBox won’t exist anymore. I was never impressed by it anyway, so no big deal to me.

Facebook bought Instagram, but at least that’s still alive and kicking.

The only one I can say I do understand is Microsoft buying an email app called Acompli. They renamed it Outlook, and it’s even better than it was before. It’s my mail app of choice on the iPhone.

There are probably hundreds of examples like this, but these are the ones sticking out in my memory. They do that, because with my limited understanding of business deals, I keep wondering why?!

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  1. I guess they do it to strip out the technology and use it, or to grab the people and their talent, or to shut down the competition, or because they intend to use it but can’t do what they hoped, or because money is burning a hole in their pockets and they make a mistake, or because they are just meanies.
    I never used Mailbox because I couldn’t see how it would survive when any of the established mail apps could up their game and compete.

    The only app I miss is Pownce.

    1. In the Facebook/FriendFeed example, that was definitely the case, methinks. It’s the Twitter/Posterous one I think must have been a mistake. Mailbox, I just didn’t like from the start, and Pownce, I don’t know what it was but I’ll go and find out now 🙂 At least that’s one I don’t have to miss …

      I’ve read about Pownce now. That looks like something I would have loved! While FriendFeed was still around I was always updated on these things.

  2. Mr. Bennett said it best. What goes on behind closed corporate doors we will never fully understand. FB owning Instagram makes me nervous. I love IG and hope the idiots at FB will leave it alone, not fill it with ads or make it a pay-only service.

  3. I never knew any of this, however having said this, I would like to know how to get Mailbox off my iPhone. I hate it.
    Is Outlook like gmail?
    Could I drop Dropbox and just back up to iCloud?
    As I get older I just want things to work and some apps I have I wonder why. I guess I thought they sounded good but now I never use them. Some will not come off in the normal way and I just let them sit there thinking how stupid I was to download not knowing how to delete them. Well that was my rant/reply,

    1. Outlook is an app where you can set up any of your email accounts, be it Gmail, Yahoo, MSN/Outlook, Aol, you name it. It’s very good.

      Doesn’t Mailbox come off, when you just tap and hold, until it starts to wiggle?! Otherwise, I’m not sure … that’s the only way I know of.

      1. No, I just tried again. It wiggles without the “x” to delete. It came already on the iPhone6 at the bottom with the phone and Safari icons. It does not matter. I just ignore it. Thanks for info on Outlook. I really do not email much anymore.

  4. I did not know any of this either…interesting. But I stay away from these things…hoping something good will not be shut down.

    1. Yes. I’m sure they all have good reasons … they’re not always that obvious, though.

      As long as WordPress stays the same, I’m just fine 🙂

  5. I think they maybe want to cross platforms and expand but for lack of expertise or knowledge or participation they don’t survive. I think bottom line is money. It all comes down to making more. Most of the corporations you mentioned can probably write off their loses.

    1. Oh, for sure … it’s always about money — that’s pretty much what everything boils down to; greed or money or both.

      Whatever their reasons are, they aren’t always all that obvious for the regular user, like me.

      1. Yup, NOW you’ve got it – Greed & Avarice…
        To me, it seems totally senseless to simply destroy something; particularly for no reason other than preventing someone else from having it.

        1. Yes, the only one that really made sense to me was Microsoft buying the Acompli app, because they’re making good use of it. I use it every day.

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