WP Weekly Photo ~ Eye Spy

mcduffI’m sure the Eye Spy topic has endless possibilities, but it had to be McDuff’s lovely, green eyes … probably aiming for the kitchen and some treats — or maybe he’s just daydreaming. «What he dreams about?!» I have no idea … might be unlimited access to shrimp. SLEEP, EAT, REPEAT … that’s his agenda.

whatsupIn this one, he’s all set to jump up on the table. He doesn’t do that anymore — he jumps up on the chair first, and then the table, now that he’s become of a certain age.

25 Replies to “WP Weekly Photo ~ Eye Spy”

    1. Honestly, I’d forgotten about it, so now I signed out, went and looked at my page, but couldn’t see it. It’s probably only for people in Europe. I’ll disable it.

          1. She’s 16 now Rebekah. We’re hoping she will reach her 17th next July; every day is a bonus, but I’m dreading the inevitable.

  1. Love your ‘Eye Spit’ photo Rebby…McDuff is so photogenic!!
    I remember I had a tote filled with towels at end of counter so Nylablue could jump from floor to tote to counter…..
    Dharth Henry despite the Panleuk damage can jump 4 feet with ease…..like a flying squirrel that boy!!!!! 🙂
    LOL @ ‘Eat, Sleep, Repeat’!!!!!

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