ahhh … snow!

DSC_8245But not in real life — only here in WordPress. Guess they turn on the snow on December 1st, which is today. We have ice, though … a fact that this mallard got to experience yesterday. I had focused on him, as he came flying, and was going to shoot just when he landed, and I did 🙂 He mistook this area for the open water hole.

DSC_8270There are a few chickadees around now and I took this, which is somewhat edited in Google’s photo editor. There are so many, online, editors, so it’s hard to keep them apart. Besides, this Google one is really hard to find. I knew I’d seen it some time, but couldn’t remember where it was. Turns out you have to have  Google+ in order to use it …or even find it. Chickadee before editing.DSC_8270

For the last, few posts, I’ve used the WordPress app for Mac. I like it for notifications — they are working well now after the first update — but I still feel I have to go in to the «real» editor to adjust pictures. I want them to open in a new tab when clicked, and there’s no option for that in the app.



21 Replies to “ahhh … snow!”

    1. I don’t think the WordPress-snow work in all browsers … have that in the back of my head since last year — somebody else couldn’t see it.

  1. I love the snow and it was fun opening my page to see it. Since it is cold here and we don’t have much snow, it will suffice. I have a couple apps that I have had for a long time for changing up photos in my phone but only use my PSP for everything else. Each one seems to have a learning curve. I love all your nature photos and there is such a subtle difference in your chickadee photo but it makes a big difference.

    1. Same here — it’s cold, but no snow, only ice here and there. What I did to the chickadee was on the computer. I liked it, but I’m not so much into G+. I think the original wasn’t exposed correctly, but anyway … I like how it came out 🙂

  2. Lol, oh OUCH; that poor Drake! But what a great catch Bekah!!
    Your Chickadee’s darker and cuter in the edit (but I LOVE the detail of his feet in the original: )

    1. He must have felt SO embarrassed LOL!

      Yeah, it’s different, huh! I brought up that random chickadee and just played around with the various settings they had. There’s so much of this editing stuff out there, nowadays! Not to mention all the apps!

    1. I’m growing to like this app for Mac. Still needs improvements, of course. Guess I like it the most for the commenting part — when it comes to writing, I have to go to the classical dashboard [because of the pictures].

  3. Cold here & no snow…just drizzle & so gloomy…..
    I did not see snow on your page here; I did snow on mine earlier…..it is sort of cute to have little flakes falling……
    I bet your duck friend was a bit surprised by the icy landing!
    The Chickadee is adorable; ours seem to go South….I rarely see them or even Sparrows now. Just Crows & Pigeons…..and I wonder where the Peregrine Falcon is???? Ithink we are safe as there is no snow or frigid cold so they can still hunt small creatures & not the birds! 😉

    1. Appears to be a browser issue, about the virtual snow. A few kilometres inland, they got about 20 centimetres of wet heavy snow, and thousands are without power now.

      The Peregrine falcon lives under Harbour Bridge here in SJ 😊

  4. Ah that would explain what is going on with snow/no snow issue.
    I have heard Inland is wild & Newfoundland is getting a terrible storm…..
    So you KNOW where your Falcon lives? I have no idea where ‘Perry’ lives around here….I tend to think up on the Escarpment n the fir trees & comes down where there are pigeon flocks. He took at least 6 last year. And the Red tailed hawk came down for 1 on a Sunday morning…..that REALLY shook me up!

    1. Yeah, I’ve both seen and heard them. There’s sort of a ‘photo spot’ underneath the bridge, and when you’re there you can hear them. I knew it beforehand though … someone told me … They are quite a few here.

    1. I remember one evening, I was down there, taking photos of Queen Mary 2 — there were oodles of them, flying in and out.

      Yeah, they are very skilled hunters … that’s what they do 🙂

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