Yesterday I tried to leave Facebook

After I’d spent quite some time there, in Facebook, mindlessly scrolling, I thought to myself «What a waste of time this is! I should just get rid of it, I don’t even like it!» That was easy … took me about two clicks… GONE! It told me during a fourteen days period I could sign back in with the same email and everything would be as usual.

For a while I felt liberated.

This morning, I got up and did my usual things here … email, news … other messages. After that would normally be Facebook, but not so today. I stood up, went to the kitchen and started breakfast instead. Very good.

Then we went out to run some errands, when my husband asked me; «Could you message Kathy and tell her that *** ***?!» I grabbed my phone and it dawned on me: I couldn’t! I didn’t have her email, not her cell phone number … the only means of communication I had with her was FB message [apart from face to face time, of course].

So, in order to message her, would have to sign in as my husband. Then I started thinking about whether there were other people I had that way, and there are several. Not that I’m in close contact with them all, but I would like to be able to contact them should need be.

Next time I try to leave Facebook I better plan ahead a little better instead of that spur of the moment thing. Now I’m back there again. It lasted 24 hours.

This post is typed up in the new WordPress app for Mac. Installed it last night, and it’s nice. Honestly, there’s no big difference from typing in the browser … it all looks the same. Perhaps a little more distraction free, as I don’t see any browser tabs or some such. I have it sitting in my dock, and it shows a small, red badge when I have notifications, which is a good thing. Apart from that I don’t know what the differences might be. Preview doesn’t work very well. They’re working on an app for Windows too.

28 Replies to “Yesterday I tried to leave Facebook”

  1. You are so addicted. Lucky for you, you could sign back in. Never had a FB account, don’t want one. I’ve tried the new WP thing as you know but find myself just going to the website interface anyway. May end up deleting the app from the Mac if I don’t use it more. I do not keep unused software on my Mac, phone or anything else if it’s not being used.

    1. Yes, I guess I’m addicted to my friends. What I’m NOT addicted to is the mindless scrolling, looking at lots of nonsense, but that’s MY problem … not Facebook’s, and I just need to shape up.

      Oh, signing back in was no problem at all.

      I regularly check through my apps, to see which ones I really use. I don’t want any useless crap weighing down on my devices.

  2. So, should I say “Better luck next time.” or “Here’s hoping that we can all have better FB management skills.”? ; )

    1. Yes, either way … preferably the first. But bascially it’s about me … I sit there and scroll out of … I don’t know; old rut or something. Now I’ll stay focused, and only read in my group.

  3. Ah, FB…you can check in but you can’t check out. It is a brilliant time waster but I do have a number of friends who don’t use email and don’t text so FB is the only way to contact them in case of an email blast or group invite.

  4. I only use Facebook to play the games and check out the news on my favorites. I’ve never used it to stay in touch with friends since I don’t have any.I only follow people I don’t personally know.They don’t even pay attention to my posts. And the scrolling also makes me think “why do I bother” but still I’m still there.

    1. LOL that’s wonderful! Well … I can count my real friends on one hand, and they aren’t all on FB. I have a mix of people I personally know and online buddies. From now on, I’ll stick to playing my one game, and one group.

      About the scrolling … I find it’s mind numbing, but then I think «…and what do I do about it … what do I contribute?! Nothing!», and then I go on scrolling LOL

  5. I used to have a bogus FB account for years, but because of photographing I recently started a real one. I felt that I can’t contact clients etc with an account that’s not in my real name.

  6. hanging head in shame I did not notice until you emailed via FB to reconnect….It was a crazy week here so please forgive me….
    I was thinking of deactivating my FB account as I have a ‘troll’ who somehow is managing to see what I post. I KNOW who it is & she blocked me 2 years ago. So how she can see my posts which are NOT Public is beyond me. I was about to hit the button & realized I have some contacts & like you, I do not have a phone number for them or a snail mail addy….so I stopped myself….I do like FB as a meeting place where I can check in tho’. It is not all bad Rebby!!!

    1. No, I’m not saying FB is bad … it’s ME! I should either not go in there all that often, OR scroll faster instead of reading all the nonsense there. I don’t know what to say there, which is strange, because here in the blog I seem to have something to say every now and then.

      However … too many people I had ONLY on FB, not even email. So … I’ll stay … for now.

      Can’t you just block her?

  7. You are not BAD either Rebby! It is easy to get caught up scrolling thru so much on FB. I have well over 200 notifications daily & I just pick the ones I am interested in. I can’t get to over 100 people’s walls.
    It is always good to have back-up email addy to keep in touch.
    I have tried to bock her but her name does not even come up so I KNOW she has blocked me. I wonder how she can access my Wall tho’? It is very very creepy!

    1. Thankfully I don’t get email notifications from FB. I just scroll. It’s mind numbing.

      You can go into your settings and make sure you have her blocked. If she’s really blocked correctly, she can’t see you anywhere. How do you know she can see your stuff??

  8. I have a separate email account for FB Notifications so I can access them when I want or just scroll in FB. I like that set up as it keeps my regular email open for emails & WP notifications & comments.
    As for ‘the troll, ‘ I suspect she went to someone who knows my Ex & myself & they accessed my FB page & she read the posts. That is easy enough to do. She blocked me & I can’t find her. Nor do I want to at this point.
    She told my Ex what I had posted 2 weeks ago & last weekend. She did incorrectly ‘report’ I said my Ex was suicidal which I never said. My Ex spoke with his Aunt & she showed him my Wall…..
    I received an apology 😉

    1. Oh yeah, that’s easy enough to do, when she knows someone who’s on your list. What a mess. I’m so thankful I don’t have any of that in my life, but I feel bad for you. Sheesh …

      Yeah, one really should have a separate account for FB for several reasons.

      1. I am glad I have a separate account for FB. I wonder who the ‘troll’ is piggybacking on Rebby? I disconnected from all of my Ex’s friends for that reason. So would the ‘troll’ have to ‘friend’ one of my friends to see my Wall? I need to know so I can contact FB in future…

          1. I saw one in common & unfriended. I emailed someone else who used to live in their town so will see what is happening there. I sent you name in FB PM….happy hunting!

              1. You did great Rebby! I went into my BLOCKING & typed the name & Voila! the name & pic came up & now I have blocked the person! Thanks for your help!!!!

  9. It was many years ago I decided to leave FB for a while…. But since then I am pretty much good. Sure there can be boring sometimes. And some days I spend some time with hiding other peoples posts lol. I’ll stay on FB as I have family members that live a bit far away, and it is easy to connect with them on there…

    1. Guess I should try and actually write something there some time. But it’s rare that I see anybody else writing anything — there are mainly pictures, jokes, shares. Hence, I’ve done the same thing, I share my Instagram pictures there.

      With the different groups of people I have there, it’s not as if I would sit down and write my thoughts about anything at all. Still haven’t gotten around to making lists so that I can group them. I’ll just leave it as it is …

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