WP Weekly Photo ~ Victory

This week’s photo challenge had me thinking … long and hard. I’ve won quite a few victories in my life, but none that had a picture attached to it. Or so I thought. For a while, I was thinking of just writing a regular blog post about some of my victories, but found it to be a daunting task not to over-step the fine line of being too personal. There are limits to how much I want to share on a public blog site.

Today, in the grocery store it struck me: I do have a picture to go with one of my victories! It must have been some time in the 80’s, I don’t know how it happened … I started drinking Coke every evening. Not just a glass — it was like all the time! That little habit must have sneaked up on me and eventually I just didn’t ‘feel good’ if I didn’t have at least two of those big, huge bottles in the fridge!

Then some time, I think it must have been 2001, I had a medical check-up and it turned out I was bordering diabetes. It so happened, that I also came across a picture in some ad, where they had lined up an array of common foods and beverages. Beside each item, they’d put the corresponding amount of sugar, in the form of lumps. A small can of Coke equalled twelve or 13 lumps of sugar. That did it for me! I quit … cold turkey and never looked back. Strangely enough, I never missed it either. When we go to McDonald’s now, I have Coca-Cola with my cheeseburger, and it’s good but quite enough and really too sweet.

So … here’s the picture I took the day I’d got my 50mm prime lens a few years ago.


14 thoughts on “WP Weekly Photo ~ Victory

  1. suzink

    You are really a strong person. When you make up your mind you just do it but I can see how seeing the sugar cubes would be an eye opener. I have always liked this photo. The bokeh is lovely.

    1. Rebekah M Post author

      Thanks … It was surprisingly easy to get away from though. Same thing when I quit taking sugar in my coffee. After two weeks, someone had put sugar in my coffee by mistake, and I found it incredibly sweet and yucky!

  2. Aian Ramos

    Victory indeed! Good for you! I don’t drink soda but I haven’t tried quitting sugar altogether, yet. It’s pretty heart-wrenching seeing kids today drink coke like its water.

    1. Rebekah M Post author

      I haven’t quit sugar altogether, but what I was doing was stupid … don’t know how it happened. I drink water … bubbly water with lime taste in the evenings, because I find it refreshing. And yes, it is sad to see the kids, and the adults too for that matter …

  3. Barb

    Good for you! You are one determined lady and when you put your mind to something, it’s done!
    I have never been into soft drinks of any kind thank goodness, and avoid any diet drinks for the same reason you do – aspartame.

    1. Rebekah M Post author

      Coca-Cola was my only one — was never into any other soft drink. So … at least I managed to rid myself of that. But now I have some cheese popcorn — will have to see about that LOL


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