WP Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Happy Place

Every Friday, I check out the theme for the weekly photo challenge. If there’s something that speaks to me, I take part. Today is one of those times … it totally coincided with a thought I had, while out with the camera today:

I could easily say that this little city, in itself, is my «happy place», but there’s one place in particular that’s special to me and that’s Rockwood Park. Now, as the leaves are changing colours, it’s showing itself from its absolutely best!

41 Replies to “WP Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Happy Place”

  1. Oh WOW Rebby such vibrant colors of those leaves!!!! I can see why Rockwopod Park is your ‘happy place’!!!!!
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen
    Mee-you Aunty yur fotoss’ are way better than mine!!! yur ‘happy place’ iss so purrty!
    nose kissesss Dharth Henry xxx

    1. Well … I’m actually a very early riser, but it takes a tremendous amount of time for me to get going. If I have nothing pressing, I sit here with my coffee for close to two hours!

      I wish you could get there …

      1. I get up anywhere from 8-10 A.M. & it takes me forever to get motivated. I am never ‘ready’ B4 noon these days, lol….
        I was supposed to go a few times to Harrison Park but something always came up. I hope I can get there B4 the 1st snow; fingers crossed!

            1. Nowadays I have a hard time imagining that for years, I went without any breakfast … just coffee. If I did that now I’d faint from hypoglycaemia.

              1. Same here!!! I never ate breakfast from ages 17 until 40….ridiculous! I ate a lot during the day (lunch/snacks/supper) but my body should have had morning ‘fuel’ all those years…..OOPS!

  2. Oh yes, I can see why Rockwood Park is your ‘happy place’ – it looks stunning in the Autumn, showing off it’s glorious colours!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Rebekah! This is my absolute favourite time of year to take photos and this weekend has always been a bit of a tradition in our family to do exactly that!: )
    So glad you shared yours (and really glad the trees have finally gotten ready to let you take their portraits; )

    1. Hi and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Deb! It’s just glorious right now, and lets just hope that we won’t get any big, windy weather event now, so that the leaves will stay.

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