We’ve been blessed with quite a few, wonderful Autumn days. The type of days when the air is crisp and clean, brilliant sunshine and bright colours. The maples look like they’re on fire when the sunlight hits their leaves. The fall foliage hasn’t reached its peak yet, but very close.

DSC_8059-minIt’s fun to take photos — the sunlight isn’t as harsh as in the summertime, as its axis is different — Β and the park is looking its best.

After seven years here in Saint John, I still marvel over how fortunate we are to have this beautiful park so handy.

As I was processing my photos yesterday, it struck me that I sure haven’t played around much in PhotoShop since I got it back! I use it every day, but only for the regular processing … no play. And as Google can add those, sometimes funny, effects, I should be able to do that myself. I used to, before.

So I added a dreamy effect to this little tug boat, and a discreet frame. I tested all kinds of grungy frames, but they just didn’t fit the image.


Tonight I’ve been checking out tutorials for other ways to add frames [there are many]. Found one, which I feel will be my preferred method … a layer mask. I find that nowadays, most tutorials are video. When I started making graphics in PaintShop they were mainly written, step-by-step which I actually preferred, but I’ll get used to video too.

26 Replies to “Photoshop”

  1. Great pics Bekah! The lake looks so idyllic, doesn’t it? But also, with the change in light, the water looks SO COLD!
    Is your little tug derelict
    (or just in need a of a little TLC?; )

  2. Your park looks beautiful, and I like that you still appreciate living there after all those years.
    We can get quite complacent about where we live and sometimes we have to see it through another’s eyes to realize what we have. I found that to be so recently when we had some visitors over from the UK who were so impressed with our surroundings that it made me appreciate it all over again!
    I like to see what you come up with in Photoshop, remembering some of your past work. The dreamy effect on the tug photo is lovely.

    1. Hi Barb! πŸ™‚
      That is so true … sometimes we need a good reminder! It was even more true back home in my little town … there I’d lived all my life, so it was easier to become complacent. Here, I think about it more often, when I see the ocean and other things too … the ‘quirkiness’ of it all LOL.

      At some point I totally got away from all that, what I used to do in PS, so this was fun. I understand that people in general seem to like to apply all those effects on photos nowadays — photography has taken on a whole different ‘meaning’, since all this digital stuff came into play, and that won’t go away.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I much prefer to read the steps, and carry them out as I go along. Now I had to stop and rewind the video in a different tab.

  3. The Autumn header is lovely! And the tugboat photo is brilliant!!! I love that effect you used. You are so talented Rebby!!!
    Well done…
    Sherri-Ellen πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! It was actually fun to do a little bit of ‘effects’ again … perhaps because I really liked that picture too. I’m fortunate enough to have all the tools, so I’d better use them. Not a day goes by without me thinking about how lucky I am πŸ™‚

  4. You are a truly gifted photographer Rebby! And you knowledge of enhancement tools is great! I admire your photos all the time!!!!
    I do a Gratitude List daily>5 things….it reminds me how blessed/lucky I am & how bad things could be…. πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes, and when we try to imagine all the things we do have; that they’d all be taken away from us … When I think of that, I kind of get a different perspective πŸ™‚

      1. Uh huh! I agree! I am blessed to have TV & PC & a fairly decent place to live. I have all that I need & I have books to read & dear Siddhartha Henry. When I see how homeless/very poor live in India & such countries I realize how ‘rich’ I truly am….

        1. Me too … I have all this stuff that I love so much, husband included πŸ™‚ And then I look at all the people in the world … I won’t even have to go very far, just looking at the homeless people here in SJ. They wouldn’t have a place to cook a turkey even if I gave them the bird …

          1. You have a good heart Rebby!
            I have no one else to share a turkey with….was going to buy 2 legs but forgot. Tomorrow is just another day. No family. In town friends are either out of town or will be with family.
            So just Siddhartha Henry & myself. Hopefully he is calmer or I will lose my mind….sighs

              1. I made up rice as Mary-Ellen suggested & have added it to wet food & this morn a proper solid BM!!! So will continue with rice in wet food to keep bowels firm. Not sure if #2 remedy helped or made things worse! No call from Birgitte. He is off remedy for a week & starts 3rd one a week today….Fingers crossed for #3!

  5. Love your photo and I love masking. I haven’t done it in some time but I used to make my own. It always amazes me how smooth the lake is.

    1. Yes, I used to have a few stored away too … but now I don’t remember whether it was in PSP or PS πŸ™‚ In any event they got lost at some point when I moved computer …

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