Green Head

The male Mallards now have their green heads again. When they get back from molting, they’re all brown … you can’t tell the difference between male and female. It’s been quite a while since I posted any duck photo here, so I felt the time was ripe.

Green Head is also a place here outside Saint John. We have several heads here — Red Head and White Head.

DSC_7986-minToday was one of those gorgeous autumn days! Once the morning fog had lifted, the sun came out and the air was fresh and clean. As you can see, if you bring this picture up to size, the trees haven’t started to change colours yet. We’ve had a slight frost but not the real good type that makes the maples turn red and orange.

DSC_7996-minThis nice weather couldn’t have been on a better day — we had two, huge cruise ships in the harbour … one expected and one not. The bigger one was on its way to the Bahamas but had to avoid hurricane Joaquin. They found a safe harbour here in Saint John instead.

26 Replies to “Green Head”

  1. Once blown up, your first photo gives a feeling of mystery with that fog in the background, and the trees look magnificent.
    I always smile when I see the Mallard, I love those two little curls at the back end of their tail!

    1. Love those curls … 🙂

      The morning fog here always looks nice, very much thanks to two rivers and the ocean.

      In a week or two, that picture will have different colours !

      1. There are a few that I can pick out that have just started to change… Here, on the other hand? We are suddenly (after a tiny bit of a cool start, as most of September was wonderful weather: ) hustling full-tilt into Fall and the trees’ foliage is turning abruptly colourful. I’m hoping that doesn’t mean they’ll drop it just as suddenly):):

        1. Usually we get some rainstorm, and the winds take them all away … Yesterday morning’s temp was 0º and today +10º, so … no real good frost yet.

  2. So, have the ducks returned to SJ, Rebekah – or are there less than previous years?
    Kind of sad, that solitary woman at the rail; with painted figures “running” on the wall behind her):

    1. Oh, they’re back … it was just the molting, I guess! Speaking of which, ‘molting’ is not a word this autocorrect feature recognizes. Each time I type it, it changes to ‘melting’. Arghhh

    1. I like green … ‘forest green’, moss green, green apples … but it has to be a certain green — can’t have too much blue in it, so it borders turquoise. Strange that when I was a kid, turquoise was my favourite colour. NOT so now …

      1. I love Hunter green; forest green & avocado green (olive color).
        Green always makes me smile!
        Turquoise is my Birthstone so I love it…..altho I have one only Turquoise ring!
        (running out of fingers!) 😉

        1. … and Mallard Green 🙂 I used to have a Turquoise ring too, when I was little … for that simple reason it was my favourite colour. It could still be back home somewhere. Not sure about the birthstone of August … it seems to vary.

          1. LOL & yes, Mallard green also!
            Birthstones/colors vary from country to country it appears! I wonder where your ring is?
            I have all mine on my fingers….lol…

    1. It’s wonderful now that they’re getting back to their normal colours! The light in the afternoon is so good too … not at all as harsh as in the summertime.

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