google surprise


I have this little photo backup tool from Google. It just sits there, in my toolbar and as soon there’s a new photo, it uploads it. Unlimited storage, as I’ve chosen a smaller format — not full resolution. Same thing on the iPhone … as soon as I take a photo, it gets uploaded. I don’t know that it’s the world’s best solution, and it’s not my main storage place [I can’t find out how to tag them!], but it’s an additional security, I guess.

There are hundreds of apps, nowadays, where you can process your photos … apply various ‘filters’ and so on … I have a couple of them but rarely use them. They can turn your picture into something completely different from what it was originally.

Anyway, this Google Auto Backup … every now and then it applies some filters to your photo, and you get notified about this, as a «suggestion» … it’s up to you if you want to keep it or not. Most of the times I find them silly [they can be animated too], but then there is the occasional one I fall for, like this one here above!

This was a photo I shot back in 2013 and never thought much about it. When it showed up yesterday, in the list of ‘suggested edits’, I liked it. It looked almost a little ‘HDR-ish’.

I remember well when and where it was taken, it’s a small fishing village in Sweden, named Bönhamn. This house was blue, as opposed to all the other, little cottages that were red.

16 Replies to “google surprise”

  1. Such a nice, warm watercolour effect on this great little building, Bekah! So much wonderful detail around the door and window openings and, is that a clay-tile roof that I see? Can’t help wondering how old it is… Are clay-tile roofs very common in Sweden?

  2. I must agree, I like this edit suggested by Google Auto Backup, it’s made the photo kind of dreamy, almost like a water-colour. It’s a good photo on it’s own merits though.
    For some reason, Google Auto Backup has stopped working for me; must check it out again.

    1. I’ve had it for quite some time now, and there have been a few times when I’ve had to stop it and re-start. One time I even had to remove it and reinstall …

    1. It’s good, as an added security thing. What pisses me off is that I can’t seem to tag them. Flickr is good. Just found out I’ve had my account since 2005, and I have 101,336 pictures there. So much crap I’ve saved by mistake. Still … only 9% of that 1TB!

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