Found out about a new [to me] app yesterday: Inklet for the Mac. It sounded interesting, I read a great deal about it — reviews and such — and then downloaded a free trial. It’s actually a lot of fun. You can write and draw on your MacBook’s  trackpad with your finger or a stylus. I have never used any of those Wacom tablets with pens, so I can’t compare. The only thing I’ve tried before is drawing on the iPad. This is different — I have to focus on the screen and not look down on where the stylus is on the trackpad.

First attempt 😀 made in Photoshop.


It did what it was supposed to do. The only problem I experienced was when my hand touched the trackpad. I’m left-handed, and there’s a setting for that, but I don’t feel that worked. As soon as my hand touched, the stylus stopped. I think I can adjust to that, though …

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  1. Interesting. I’ve never heard of Inklet but will check it out soon . I think you did a pretty good job for your first time with it.

    1. 🙂 yeah well, that was just a test to see how it worked. After I wrote that post, I found out about something called AstroPad that’s more advanced … but seems pretty awesome.

    1. Actually, I tried them again last night! I had a few that are watercolour pencils. I thought that sounded like fun, but it doesn’t work at all like in the videos I’ve watched online. 🙂

  2. You really embrace technology so well Rebby! I admire you! ALOT!
    Health is about 55-60% better>>>a slow process as you know. I am at least coherent & upright & more or less functioning on a daily level.
    I tire easily tho’. So must rest. Still using Inhaler & it helps that lung a lot>>still coughing up unmentionable things, lol. Little by little Rebby..

    1. Good to hear you’re getting there. The cough hurts so bad! When G. got it last year, he’d actually had one of those shots, but they only protect against so many strains. I guess he got another strain …

      1. Slowly but surely Rebby!!! it takes 2-3 weeks so I am not pushing myself. The cough can be relentless…
        The AdAvair Inhaler helps so-o much with the congestion & coughing. I am very impressed with the Inhaler & no side effects!
        The vaccine protects against 4 strains however the Flus & Pneumonias have mutated so much there is no way to keep up. The people who make the vaccines do graphs plotting what the 4 most ‘likely’ strains of each will be. Unfortunately that leaves a lot of room for mutated strains to surface. As I have a Suppressed Immune system I am not taking ANY vaccines; all they do is make me VERY ill. Plus KNOWING there is Formaldehyde & Mercury & other toxic substances in these shots I refuse! 😉

        1. I’ve never had any shot at all … not for those reasons, though … I just haven’t. My immune defence used to be terrific, while I was still working. Now, I don’t know …

          1. I had a great Immune system when I was drinking; nothing COULD touch me, lol.
            Once I got off the booze my body had a time of it trying to re-adjust itself. Unfortunately between the alcohol effects & my previously damaged Immune System I have had bouts of illness that last for weeks to months on end!!!
            As you are healthy I think your Immunity will still be good.

  3. That is pretty cute. With the Wacom the problem is sometimes when you pick your stylus up the line you are drawing continues in a weird haywire fashion. You have to pick it straight up so there are pros and cons to everything.

    1. Yes … I’ve never tried a Wacom. This one is rather fun, and the AstroPad is even better. Now … I have a very regular, cheap stylus. When I use AstroPad with the iPhone, I think the fact that I have this protective shield doesn’t do it any good.

    1. Yes, it’s cool but so was Inklet … I liked them both in different ways. There are so many apps out there — imagine all the ones I don’t know about 🙂

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