I love Sunflowers. They’re way up there, on my list of favourite flowers. (There isn’t any flower I dis-like.) Never been to an area where they have those fields of sunflowers — only seen them one at the time. They look so proud, as they’re standing tall, just about anywhere. Like this; on a stony beach with hardly any vegetation at all! Still, this guy had managed to draw enough nutrition out of the ground to flower … by the sea in Chance Harbour.


18 Replies to “Sunflower”

  1. Sunflowers are awesome, I think it’s because they stand up so proud and tall and bright – they always make me smile when I see them.
    It’s very unusual to see them on the beach but this one obviously had enough energy not just to grow but to flourish and produce that happy flower!

  2. Great find.
    Awesome example of (what’s that term again, y’know the one for the out-of-focus backdrop here?; )
    A few years ago, a chipmunk had stored (some of)his cache of sunflower seeds in my bag of potting mix out in the garden shed and, when I used it the next Spring to pot up plants, many, many seeds came up in interesting places: )

      1. Bokeh, yes that’s it, thank you!
        It was interesting when all of these suddenly started coming up, willy-nilly…
        Some I allowed to stay, while others were growing in clumps and had to removed and/or thinned out. But the BEST part was that I suddenly realised that I could use seed from the feeder too (and actually plant it where I wanted it! ; )
        Did you know that Black Oil Sunflowers only grow 3-4′ tall and will fit pretty much anywhere in the garden; whether as a central anchor in pots on the deck or toward the back of the flower bed as a great (and STURDY! ) background plant or as an “instant” trellis for climbing annuals like Sweet Peas [which smell wonderful: ], Morning Glories or Scarlet Runner Beans [pretty, edible fresh or dried plus a hummingbird and pollinator magnet!: ]

        1. Cool … and interesting! One would think they’d be growing all over the park, considering how much black oil sunflower seeds are put out there, but probably they all get consumed ๐Ÿ™‚

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