Autumn cleaning

IMG_1680-EFFECTS-minDone some cleaning the last few days! Not the apartment [so much] but online.

I’ve moved my blog a lot, sometimes I’ve had two, parallell blogs. In hindsight, that wasn’t so good, but what’s done is done (very profound πŸ˜€ ).

Since I know this is the one I’m going to keep, I downloaded all the other ones and put them together in a brand new account. Didn’t want to fill this one up — those files were huge asΒ I didn’t know the importance of compressing photo files back then. Storage in theΒ new account went up to 43% right away, and I still might have missed some. That blog exists for storage purposes only and won’t be updated in any way. The name I chose for it wasΒ Β«lakeflurriesΒ», my very first blogging ID, back in Yahoo, ten years ago.

I’ll be very careful and compress every image I upload to this site, now that they [WordPress] have only one kind of upgrade available [unless you’re a big business]. I use compressjpeg, which I find easy and convenient. There are many ways of compressing photos — perhaps you know a better way?

39 Replies to “Autumn cleaning”

  1. So now you have fresh content, always a good thing to have. I still dont compress my photos every time. Should be doiing this. I do bring them down a bit but sometimes they get too small and start looking awful. This theme renders beautifully on my 8 inch tablet.

    1. Yes, it feels good to bring a little order into all this.

      I resize them to 1024px, and then run them through that compress thing. Except now, with the ones that are ‘featured image’, they are 1440px. This theme, that I really like and will keep for a long time, has 1440px as setting for the header image.

  2. i didn’t know anything about compressing photos! good to know! i ended up starting a flickr page and just linking my photos to that because i had used 60% of my storage in 3 months!

    1. Yeah, there you go … it adds up quickly! With this compressing/resizing you can really keep it down for years. I have a fellow blogger/photographer, he’s been blogging for seven years in free WordPress and still not reach the limit.

  3. I have been working on just getting things in order for fall and have actually cleaned a couple windows and blinds. I have compressed things really small for this blog as we only have a certain amount of space. But it’s not bad as images look ok smaller and compressed on the net. I remember Flurries was when I first heard about you and started visiting your blog before you even knew who I was. πŸ˜€

    1. Yes, when they’re only for online viewing it’s alright to resize and compress. The ones that come out of the camera are huge, nobody has a screen like that.

      It was so much fun in the beginning, in Y360. I remember you — I had you mixed up with another woman for a while there … I think she wrote romance novels πŸ™‚

      All those people I got to know during those Friday night chats we had … Kerri, Chris, Cat … not to mention Darlene LOL

      1. OMGosh! Now everyone has gone their own way. I lost contact when I left Facebook with most. I still have most of their emails but I lost some when gmail changed something. I don’t know what happened.

        1. Yes, most people seemed to lose the their ‘blogging spirit’ when they joined FB. I don’t know why, but we’re all different. I have Kerri, Cat and Chris on FB. Eddie too and several others from the old Y360.

          I don’t remember what it was that Gmail could have changed. Perhaps you had their addresses on your iPhone and when you turned off FB, they would have vanished from your phone too?!

  4. I was wondering whether you had posted recently, so I came to look and you have πŸ™‚

    But it got me thinking about why I wasn’t being notified when you post. And of course it is because you changed blogs. And the default setting in the WP Reader for ‘Send new posts by email’ is (I think) in the ‘off’ position.

    So I went hunting for how to change that. I went to the ‘Reader’ page and it took me a while to figure out that I needed to click the little cog/gear next to ‘Followed Sites’ and then navigate down to your blog and click the little ‘edit’ button next to the name of your blog and then change the ‘Send new posts by email’ setting to ‘instantly’.

    What a palaver.

    It would be so much easier if a little popup popped up when one clicked to follow and asked what notification preferences I would like.

    About images and compression – I’m the obsessive-compulsive king of compression – 1,362 images and 4% used. And I’ve been loosening up a bit recently and posting images at 1,000px or more wide so that visitors can click to see larger versions of images.

    I use Photoshop and the Save To Web option allows stripping out metadata and can easily get the size down to 50KB or maybe, for a very big image, to 150KB.

    By the way, I like your header image – lovely tones and colour and great choice for a header image.

    1. Thank you, about the header image — it’s one of the entrances to Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. I thought it might make a nice header for Tassitus.

      Yes, that sounded way too complicated [about the subscription settings]. I’ve used the ‘Reader’, solely for quite some time, so I’ve forgotten about it.

      Now, that I’ve got a fairly new blog account, I still have the chance to keep my storage amount down. I need to go back to ‘Save for Web’ in PS. They have changed it in this latest version, so in order to find it, you need to go deeper into the menu, and it says [legacy]. They will remove it.

      I’m in a state of shock, as I just found out that my storage quota in my Google account was filled to 93%!!! Something has gone wrong there, and not only for me. Hundreds of people asking the same question in the forums there. Somehow my Google Photos are affecting my quota, even though I’ve set it to free unlimited [2048px]. Bleh…

            1. I just checked my other Gmail account — hasn’t happened there. Something is wrong, somehow all my photos have ended up in the Drive. It’s the Drive that’s causing all this.

              1. A long while ago I remember seeing a setting on my iPhone for Google to ‘automatically upload… ‘ etc., and I had to say ‘Not on your life, buster.’

                1. LOL yeah I know … that’s turned off. Since I saw that quota number now, I’ve been through all apps on all devices, just to see so that I hadn’t missed some stupid setting like that.

                  On an unrelated note: Have you watched a series on BBC called SILK?

                    1. It’s about a bunch of lawyers in London. Could never have imagined that I’d enjoy a show about the British court system this MUCH! It’s terrific … fast paced, excellent actors …

                    2. I googled ‘Silk Martha Costello’ and yes, I recognise it straight away. Good programme, yes. It was on a while ago here. It may be on now as well. Did I ever mention I was a lawyer?

  5. You are right Rebby…it is not a long period of time…I was thinking of the content of our lives. I am on my 3rd cat since I started blogging Aug. 2005…..Mingflower then Nylablue & now Siddhartha Henry…so it seems longer to me if that makes sense?

    1. In these ten years, lots have happened, and I’ve learnt a lot too. I’m on my third cat in my life πŸ™‚ We were really lucky to get one who is so calm and cool …

  6. That is true Rebby; a lot HAS happened.
    I did a list of my cats a while back & Siddhartha Henry is # 18 I believe. Plus 2 dogs & a budgie named Benny Blue Skye……..

  7. Hadassah then Murphy an now McDuff right?
    I started with Simpson; then Muffin (she was only with me for a month as she had Cancer); then Silky-Auburn; then Angel; then Mingflower & many rescues plus Monty the boyfriend; then Sage Smudge the foster cat after Mingy; then Nylablue & all the rescues I have done & finally Siddhartha Henry…..
    I thought I was a dog person’ apparently NOT>>>rofwl πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, and I thought I was a dog person too LOL … Well, I guess I’m both but I’ve never had the possibility to have a dog. Always worked full time and lived in some little apartment.

  8. When Wesley & I were first married we were in a 1 bedroom apt with dining area so it was a bit bigger than usual place. We had Rebecca the Foxhound there for 6 months & then we moved into the 2 bedroom wartime house…large backyard…she loved it. After she was PTS we adopted Bogart Sam & he needed more room than we could provide. when we split up Bogart Sam went to Humane Society & thankfully he was adopted by a nice family with a BIG house & backyard…..
    After that experience of having to surrender Bogart Sam I decided to never have a dog again πŸ˜‰

    1. No, and I can understand that. I lived in small apartments most of the time, and to leave a dog there [I wanted a big dog, Newfoundland type], eight hours a day was just not an option.

  9. You are right a Newfoundlander would not enjoy a small apartment!!!
    I like bigger dogs….Foxhounds; Shepherds; Huskies & they all need room to stretch & run…..
    In this building it would be all right to have a small dog but I am not able to care for a dog at this point….
    I know ALL the dogs in the building & they visit me & that gives me my ‘dog’ fix!

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