Just finished my first colouring project. Most of you may know, by know, about this latest trend: colouring. I googled ‘colouring patterns for grown-ups’ or something like that but got oodles of hits for ‘adult coloring’. I found that odd, I thought it was some porn and wondered why they needed colouring. Afterwards I felt a little embarrassed that I’d immediately jumped to the conclusion it was porn πŸ™‚ My mind must have been in the gutter …

Either way, I printed out a few patterns I found in Pinterest, bought myself a bunch of colour pencils today and went at it. I thought it sounded totally mindless, but figured ‘so is this … gazing at this screen all the time’.

So now that I’ve finished one … I don’t know — the jury’s still out πŸ™‚

25 Replies to “Colouring”

  1. LOL well you are not alone… I thought the same thing when I saw “adult”! And I am sure that there are many more that was thinking just the same.

    I know it is “just” filling in the colors, but it IS very relaxing! Love the colors you’ve chosen!! πŸ™‚

    1. Teehee! Good!

      I like those colours, but didn’t have a green that I really liked. Tried to mix. I think this is something that could teach you to take it slowly … not rush.

  2. Funny that, I just bought a new set of crayons and colouring book a couple of weeks ago – I’ve loved colouring since I was a kid – and was reading the other day about it being good for the brain: )

    1. There was an article about it in MacLean’s. Groups of women that kept doing this for hours, and subsequently got joint issues and had to take Aleve or whatever. They got together in groups of friends, and that I understand could be fun! Doing it just for myself and then put it away … I don’t know. Like I said … β€œthe jury’s still out …” πŸ™‚

  3. Used to call it ‘colouring-in’ when I was a child. Spent many hours on it. Not sure I could justify the time these days.

    I do like what you’ve done though. Very nice and delicate, lovely choice of colours.

    1. Thanks K! This probably took close to an hour. I thought I’d give it a go, in order to see if this was β€œfor me”. I don’t have any problem justifying the time … I waste a lot of time here [online] and was hoping to find something to replace it with. I don’t think it will be this.

        1. I’ll print out one more pattern. Just for the sake of it. Colouring a pattern that somebody else made … I don’t think that’s for me πŸ™‚

  4. This is a really pretty one. I have a bunch of printable sites on my Pinterest called printables(imagine that). I still love to color. I actually bought some books for kiddo on how to draw and there were coloring pages. I got it at Barnes and Noble book store. It was on the sale table.

    1. Thanks! I could probably do a little colouring, every now and then, when I find a pattern I like, like this one. I doubt I’ll be into those ‘mandalas’, or whatever they call them …

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