Perfect fit

After all these years [and many moves] in WordPress, I’ve found, both the perfect theme and domain name.

photo_20150707_694190-minTassitus sounds cute and fluffy [at least to a Swedish-speaker 🙂 ], it’s short … not like fluffymuffin or something like that, and it was available in almost all services (not Gmail, not Twitter). It’s gender neutral, but I’ve added the Ms. so people won’t have to look around to find out whether it’s a man or a woman writing.

IMG_0800-minSitting here, this fine morning, thinking «would have been great if I’d had some kind of business … I could have started a marketing campaign for Tassitus — logo and all! 🙂 » The ideas aren’t lacking, but I’m too old and tired for that. Marketing is expensive, I’d need a lot of funds! Strangely enough, my ideas always have to do with food and I don’t even like to cook! Here’s one.

Funny how you can let your thoughts wander freely in the early mornings … All this led me to reminisce an episode of “Dragons’ Den” — a Canadian show same as the American “Shark Tank”. ‘Ordinary people’ with a business idea get to present them to a bunch of super rich guys in order to raise funds. The one I remembered in particular, was a woman who’d come up with some special salad dressing. I don’t remember much about the dressing — it was her personality and presentation that impressed me. She was so together, calm, cool and collected … she had all the numbers in order … not even Kevin O’Leary could make her lose her composure. She got them all on board!

Oh well, it’s not going to happen, but it’s fun to dream! I’m a Leo — I like to lead 🙂

The perfect [for me] theme was quietly released just the other week. It’s named «Independent Publisher». I’m a little obsessive about the look and feel of my blog, up until then, none of the themes had measured up to my ‘standards’. They were always lacking one or two of the features I wanted. Now here we have one that has:

  • featured image header [meaning the way my featured image for this post, appears as a full sized header]
  • supports all post formats
  • infinite scrolling
  • logo

… and more, but these were the items I looked for in a theme. Now that I’ve found it, I can hopefully go on and write about something else 🙂 These were the thoughts, bouncing around in my head, as the sun was rising over Saint John 🙂

37 Replies to “Perfect fit”

  1. I liked the look of IP too, but couldn’t get it to look right on my blog. Maybe I’ll try again later. Looks good on here.

    Didn’t it have social contacts on the header? How did you get rid of that?

    1. It does have … when you go to the index page. Not here in the ‘post page’ 🙂

      Another important part about all this, is the fact that we have a choice of fonts now. For free! 🙂

  2. You covered so many subjects I don’t know what to address first. lol I like the theme. I have kept mine from the first I found it. I just like the compactness of it for some reason although there isn’t much room for a header but I like it. I don’t know how WP does it and stores all these blogs and photos. It is one of the few remaining that we started out with.

    The smörgåstårta is beautiful but does not appeal to me at all in the way of something to eat. I love cream cheese but I don’t care for Mayo. Here where I am everyone eats mostly mustard and you don’t get things with mayo much.

    1. Yes, guess I was in a writing mood this morning LOL. I like the ones where the header photo covers the whole width of the page. WP has been around since 2005 or 06. I have an account from 2006, but I think it was ‘invitation only’ at first. Was too involved in Y360 and later Multiply to pay full attention to what was going on. Now I would have a hard time adjusting to anything else.

      Mayo is one thing that has me intrigued here in North America. They sell it in big, huge containers … almost like buckets … but eating it doesn’t seem to be a big thing here! At least I don’t see much mayo eating going on anywhere! I LOVE mayo!!! Big time! Shrimp without mayo?! No way! I can have mayo with french fries too … or fish fingers 🙂

    2. Got to add one thing: The header picture with the smörgåstårta … the white stuff it’s covered with most likely ISN’T mayo — at least not purely. Usually, it’s a mixture of whipped cream with some salty, caviar-like stuff in it and just a little mayo or possibly sour-cream.

      1. Ah, well the smörgåstårta sauce [gorgeous photo, btw; ] would be like most things containing Mayo then – as a salad dressing or the “glue” that holds your sandwich filling together: be it lobster, tuna, egg or chicken salad; )

      2. I could eat sour cream/cream cheese mixture. I love dip. I can add mayo to that mixture if it’s mixed up good and surprisingly I like the olive oil mayo. It is the consistency of mayo I don’t find appealing.

        1. Yes, some of them have a weird consistency. I’m okay with the olive oil mayo. Hellman’s. One time in my life I’ve made it myself. It was … suspenseful 😀

              1. Yes yolks and I have one of those stick mixers that whips things together so fast it takes a couple seconds. Had it for years and it works great for anything with oil because it emulsifies it.

                1. Yes, I know what you mean. I tried this in the 70’s some time, just for fun or for the challenge of it all. Didn’t have anything like that then.

  3. I almost missed it – figuring out the photo was (the downside; ) of MacDuff, lol!
    And smörgåstårta? Such a perfect dish(meal; ) for this time of year, when it’s too hot to cook – no wonder it’s on your mind… And just SO gorgeous, too!
    I truly think that it might be a good business idea; particularly with your “slow & steady” approach, and building up by word of mouth: )
    I’d definitely buy one!

    1. Yes, it was the “tass/paw connection” … really far-fetched if they haven’t read the introduction LOL

      I do think ‘smörgåstårta’ might fly in North America, but what a heck of a job … like I said; I’m old and tired 🙂 Had I been young and peppy [with lots of funds], it would have been great. Would have had to test the waters first, though … thoroughly.

      1. Oh, I DO hear ya, on the age and wear & tear thing, TRUST me!; )
        But then again… Perhaps there are other, less defeatist, explanations… even? We shall see; )

    1. Thanks. ‘Tassitus’, I felt it right away … it was right for me!

      I’m still debating with myself, whether to import two blogs here. I’m afraid the people subscribed here, would be notified about all the ‘new’ posts … not sure how it works. But in the long run it would feel good to have them here, now that I’ve made up my mind.

      1. On “Tassitus” and debating… Purely coincidental, I’m sure; but good for a chuckle when your as “punCentric” as I am; )
        Tacitus was an interesting fellow, was he not?; )
        And, I assume, also the root of ‘taciturn’ and ‘tacit agreement ‘?
        Food for thought… ; )

  4. I adore the header photo>>>that salad looks FABULOUS! leave it to me to like the food!!!
    I howled over ‘fluffymuffin’….. 🙂
    I wondered why you were Ms Tassitus…now I understand.
    I hear you about the wear & tear of age. I am mentally & physically ‘retired’. Period. LOL.
    Great blog Rebby!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

    1. Hi and thanks! Several times I’ve read blogs, without knowing whether it was a man or a woman writing. At first, I perhaps didn’t think about it, getting really surprised to find out it wasn’t the gender I’d been thinking … Not often, but it has happened. So … I added the Ms.

      That sandwich cake is so good — and especially if it was made one day before …

      Now that you said you howled over fluffymuffin, I went and looked if it was taken in WordPress: It WAS! LOL


  5. The reason I laughed at ‘fluffymuffin’ is that veryone has had a cat named Fluffy & I had a at named Muffin. Put them together & the rest is history!!!!!
    I guess I have always ‘known’ the person’s gender…never really thought about it.
    Whew it has been brutally hot today (Monday).
    We finally are sitting outside! It is after 6 pm. It was too hot til then!!!!
    Love & ((hugs)) S-E.

    1. Heh! I just grabbed that out of the blue 🙂

      I’d dreaded this day, they’d said it would be so hot, but it wasn’t bad at all … around 24ºC all day, and not muggy. That’s the important part. The strange thing is it won’t go under 20ºC overnight … this coming night …

  6. HUH not muggy or humid there? I wonder if this is blowing itself out B4 it gets to where you are? Newfoundland is 19 C & has had showers all day….well the southwest part where my bestie & hubby are.
    It is still 84.6 degrees here but the humidex has come down some. There was a nice breeze….now where did it go??? Good grief!
    LOL @ ‘fluffymuffin’. I will never forget this term as long as I live!!!!!!

    1. It’s all very strange! It’s 10:30 now and this time of night I expected to be the worst. Nothing! I checked out my weather thingy — tomorrow morning we’ll have 100% humidity and showers. Whatever it is — I’m thankful! Sitting here, dry and comfortable … no pillow for me! 🙂

      1. Pass the pillow please! It is still muggy here an the air is stagnant & smells awful. Siddhartha Henry came in for his nite snack & is back out in Condo with ‘Roady’ the Toad(y).
        It is still 24 C with Humidex of 32 C>>> shoo tme now! 😦
        Glad you are cool an calm…

        1. That is awful!!! 24º!!! Bite your teeth together, scream into the pillow when needed hands over queen sized, all puffed up, down pillow This too shall pass! 🙂

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