Was browsing blogs last night when I came across something new [to me]: As soon as I clicked on one post, music started playing! The sound on my computer was set rather loud too, so it was a bit of a shocker.

Can’t say I liked having that forced upon me — I prefer choices.

14 Replies to “Dislike”

  1. I do that occasionally. The function is available through Soundcloud. It is part of the day’s blogging message if you will. I assume not everyone likes every picture that I post but if they open the blog, they will see it willy-nilly. This seems the same to me.

    1. LOL good point! It wasn’t yours, but … if the sound hadn’t happened to be set to max on my computer just then, it probably wouldn’t have been so bad. Now I know, anyway.

  2. My thought on this – never, ever play music on your site unless the visitor can start or stop it themselves. Came across a site yesterday where music started playing by itself. I clicked off this blog right away. Shame on them….

    1. It’s kind of interesting that audio effects are so much more intrusive than visual.

      When I think about it, some time ago, I came across a phenomenon where it was playing already in the WordPress Reader. Didn’t react then, as I thought it was a temporary glitch …

  3. It used to be more prevalent than it is now. I don’t know why people think you want to hear weird music while watching a fast forwarded video but it is on them all!

  4. Judging from everyone’s reaction here, the instinctual startle reaction, of fight or flight, is not a pleasant one (Qu’elle surprise! ): and shame on anyone insensitive enough not to realise it.
    To go back and subject yourself to assault again would be like Lucy and Charlie Brown with the football… “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, then shame on me.”; )

    1. Hi Deb,
      What was most confusing of it all, was when it started to play in the WordPress Reader because then I didn’t know where it was and how to turn it off … just had to close the tab. I don’t know if that was just a one time thing … it hasn’t happened again. Even Facebook had the good taste to give us a choice; whether we wanted video to ‘auto-play’ or not.

      This is not a big thing … I was just startled, and wrote this 🙂

    1. Another thing I dislike is when people in my G+ circles send me an email when they post something.
      In G+ there’s an option: “Also send emails from you to Your circles”. I never use it, but for some weird reason some people do.

      1. I’ve pretty much given up on G+, but I remember a setting about “who can send email” … you have options.

        Imagine in Facebook when someone sends out a message to ALL his/her friends, and they start to REPLY ALL 🙂 Everyone get the replies from everyone. Insane…

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