Happy September!

September is upon us and it’s all good! Yesterday, we had the probably hottest day of all summer, here in Saint John, but it wasn’t muggy at all, so it was liveable.

Last night, I had a little «comments conversation» with a fellow blogger, about storage. I.e. ‘cloud storage’, external harddrives and all that type of stuff.

All that had me thinking, afterwards: “These problems I didn’t have seventeen years ago!” Back then, I didn’t own a camera, had hardly taken a photo in my whole life. I had a paper photo of myself and my cat. Had heard that it was actually possible to scan photos and get them into my computer so I went to some computer company and had them scan it for me to a floppy disc. That was my very first profile picture and I was so careful about that floppy, you wouldn’t believe it!

Now I have many photos. I have them stored on DVD:s, on my external harddrive, Flickr and Google Photos. Flickr, I started paying for at an early stage, so that’s an account where I’m sure they’re all in one place.

It’s just that I feel the volume of it all is beginning to get overwhelming. From the very beginning, I should have been more careful and only stored the ones I really like. It’s always easy to be wise in hindsight.

Guess I’ve been [am] a little obssessive about them, thinking that the external harddrive won’t last forever, and “what if Flickr were to go away?!” Instead, I need to ask myself “When am I ever going to look at them all?” I don’t have kids so it’s not as if it’s going to become some kind of legacy! From now on, I will shape up and relax about all this stuff, otherwise it becomes a burden instead of a nice little hobby.

DSC_7648-minThis isn’t just about photos — I used to be the same way about email! When Google introduced Gmail and later ‘unlimited storage’ [that’s not entirely true], that really hit home with me 🙂 I’m a bit of a hoarder online, but thankfully not in real life! I’ve been moving home too many times, and was cured of any such tendencies at an early stage.

Yesterday, I shot this Blue Heron. I’ve seen very few birds this summer. I don’t know where the ducks are — very few, young mallards in the pond. Maybe they’ve all pulled out of Saint John.

15 Replies to “Happy September!”

  1. I’ve hardly left home. My photos are very boring at the moment – but DH has improved and we hope to have just a couple of days away in the not too distant future. Still some med appts to have first, though. Then hoping he will be signed off……

  2. Strange about the missing ducklings… Were there normal amounts initially and they’ve just gone elsewhere? Or did you notice a dearth right from the nesting/hatchling stage?

    1. I don’t know, it’s not just ducklings — there are perhaps ten, fifteen ducks in the pond. Perhaps they went into hiding in the hot weather … The ones that are there look like young ones.

  3. It’s so true what you are saying! One shouldn’t get so stressed out, but yet I do lol. In one way I do like these digital photos, but another part of me miss the paper photos.

    I know the quality of them today probably won’t last as long as those really old black and white photos that is of my relatives way back. But still it is something special to hold a real photo or go through an album. Kind of have mixed feelings as you can tell…

    You know that is “funny” what you say about the ducks not being seen! This morning when Mom and me went gropcery shopping, we walked by the stream where we usually have a lot of ducks, but today both me and my Mom were saying that we haven’t seen the ducks for a while… My guess is that they are down at the lake somewhere. But it’s still strange cause there usually are at least a few ducks left there at the stream.

    Nice shot of the blue heron! 🙂

    1. Yes, I really need to calm down about all this!

      I think the ducks could be molting. They lose ALL their feathers, hence they cannot fly, so they go hiding in the woods. Then they come back with brand new feathers! 🙂

  4. I can’t believe it’s already September. We are having heat and high humidity right now and everywhere you go the stores are so cold you have to wear long sleeves because they are trying to combat the humidity. We are supposed to have rain all next week though but lower temps finally.

    I quit Flickr when I got mad at Yahoo all those years back so I use Google Drive for some things and the external but I have gone through things and weeded out so many photos I can’t tell you how many I looked at and thought, why did I keep that? The ones I am shooting now I print out on my little selphy printer and put in a homemade recycled album. I mostly just want a photo of a time to remember so I am not coveting them like I used to.

    The Herons remind my of little old men standing around. No offense to little old me. haha But it’s the legs. My husband’s legs get smaller the older he gets.

    1. We’re supposed to get heat and muggy weather this upcoming week. Got to be the last …

      Do you still have to have that Yahoo email account? It was something about your carrier, if my memory serves me right. They’re insane now with their password thing.

      I could get rid of so many in Flickr, but it feels overwhelming. Now I just let it go …

      I have one heron shot, where his head is retracted, and he looks exactly like a grumpy, old man with a bad-hair-day LOL

      1. LOL, about the heron. Yahoo is just like it always was, dysfunctional but yes I have it with my server. I have mail sent to gmail from there.

  5. In my culture Blue herons signify news of some sort…..
    I am not obsessive anymore about photos etc because like you there is no one to cherish them. Photos are for me….my memories.
    I do not keep emails longer than 24 hrs. I must have the emptiest Inbox ever!!! ROFWL!

    1. They’re quite common around here, so I’d get a lot of news 🙂 There’s an island offshore where they nest and it’s protected.

      My email inbox contains two to three email at the most. They are the ones I haven’t replied to. As soon as I reply, I archive them. This started with Gmail, where I got the ‘archive function’. Before that I used to download them and save them. I have a Gmail account where I’ve stored everything since 2004. I think I’ll go there and purge it …

  6. LOL @ a lot of news. They signify good news; sad news; tragic news; messages from the Spirit World. All purpose birds those herons!
    Most days I have 100+ emails/blog comments/Daily Digests in my Inbox. I put all the Digest notifications in a separate folder. I then check for comments to reply to. Keep them & dump the rest.
    Once I reply to a comment or an actual email it is put in Trash. I have never Archived ever. I am odd that way.
    2004? that’s 11 year years of comments!! WOW Rebby……that could make for some great reading 😉

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