It’s already been a week since I was in Quebec. I’ve slowly but surely gone through my photos. Here are two from the interior of the Basilica … its full name being The Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec.

Indoor photography isn’t my strong point and of course I didn’t lug any tripod with me on that walk. Remembering how I made a total mess of photos I once took inside the Cathedral here in Saint John, I made sure to at least take many, hoping a few would come out alright. Also, the difference between now, and those messy photos [five years ago], is that I shoot in the .RAW format now. This meaning I have much better chance to correct things.

Here are a few … click for better viewing 🙂

27 Replies to “Finished”

    1. It’s very impressive … While we lived there, we also went to Saint-Anne-du-Beaupré, but then I only had the very first P&S camera … that was really something!

  1. C’est fantastique, Rebekah!
    And, the next time WordPress asks for “perspective”, well obviously… You’ve got IT!! : )

    1. Thanks Deb! 🙂 I was happy to see that at least a few came out — I shot oodles, but they were a bit blurry. I need to learn this properly …

      Hope they’ll ask for that again. Last week they asked for «all angles», meaning a stationary object from three different angles. I had one, but haven’t gotten around to post it yet …

    1. Thanks Mona! I was lucky too, that there were hardly any people in there! I happened to arrive just after Mass was over, so they were all outside …

    1. Thank you, Susan! I’ve thought about Rome … if I ever get there, I really need to read up on shooting this type of pictures. A fellow blogger [Cardinal Guzman] is in Italy right now, and I just saw a really nifty “travel tripod” he’d bought. That would be something to consider if ever going on such a trip!

      1. Rome is amazing but there are more pick pockets there than any where I have been. And the people aren’t as accepting of tourists as other Italian cities but it is just fantastic for the excavation they are doing and the history. You would love it. We had the most fun in Florence and Venice. I would love to go back.

        1. Yeah, I think I’d like that … and imagine all the purses! LOL

          G. lived in Italy for a number of years, we talked about going for a while … we’ll see.

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