The Murals

DSC_7495-minLast night I processed a few of my pictures. It’s hard though, when it’s so hot your brain is almost boiling. These murals in Quebec City’s old town, are very popular to take photos of. I was no exception. There are others, on St. Joseph Street, but I didn’t go there; too far. What I should have had was a PLAN. I just wandered, almost aimlessly. Also, I tend to forget that I’m now sixty years of age and not at all as fit  as I was thirty years ago. The one thing I did right though: I wore comfortable shoes! 🙂  Anyway, I stuck to this area called ‘lower town’.

  muralThey’re quite spectacular, these murals, so filled of historical detail, if you know anything about that. They were setting up loud-speakers for some musical event there, so it was difficult to get a clear shot.

DSC_7481-minAfter this, I just walked around, elbow to elbow with all the tourists in the excessive heat. There was a small cruise ship in, the Masdaam, and I can only imagine what it would have been like if it had been one of the really big ones.

There’s an endless number of cute little streets so I just kept shooting.



27 Replies to “The Murals”

  1. Those murals are spectacular, indeed. Never an easy time to get pics of them without tourists milling about. The streets remind me so much of France. It’s my favourite area of the city.

    1. It was almost impossible — should’ve been out at 7 o’clock instead. Anyway, I’m happy with what I have and it’s really a wonderful area! Should’ve counted the steps to get down there 🙂

    1. Thanks, I really liked that one too … The wind will change around midnight, to NW so that will be good … take away the mugginess!

        1. Somewhere around 27ºC and low humidity … that’s just ideal!

          There was a little earthquake outside F’ton just a little while ago!

            1. No, too weak. I have felt it once, when we lived in QC. That one was stronger, felt down to Boston. It was the weirdest feeling!!! I had no idea what was going on — I remember thinking «WHY is there a steam roller out here on a Saturday night?!» Then the sound …! I never forget it …

  2. Gorgeous photos! So happy to travel there with you. I doubt I would have been aware of these great art works without your eye for detail and talent. Steps, Uggg

    1. Thanks, Linda! It was fun to go back there after these seven years. I’d sort of ‘forgotten’ how big the city is, and how long time it takes to move from one area to another … due to the insane traffic.

  3. ‘Lower Town’ is quite lovely!
    I am sorry it was hot in QC & it is how at home! The humidity is building in here & we are supposed to be hot all week which means you will get more of the same….sorry!

    1. Yes, it took away from the whole experience, because I don’t function very well when it’s that hot … I can’t think! 🙂

      It’s muggy tonight, but then again — it isn’t as bad as it would have been in July or so.

  4. I relate…..I am useless over 20 Celsius……
    I am glad you have had the chance to ‘put the pillow down’ for now!
    It is supposed to be the worst Wed & Thurs here. Will keep you posted.

    1. Oh dear … I feel for you! Since I wrote the previous comment, the weather changed around big time here! All of a sudden, the winds are howling like mad. At least all the mugginess vanished, and quickly too! I was just sitting, watching TV, when I heard this strange sound; it was the wind in the ventilation ducts 🙂

  5. I meant 30 C Rebby! I need to spell check again, hahaahaa….
    Oh my the weather DID change drastically there!
    Today it is up to 26 C with Humidex of 35 C. PHOOEY! I am not going outside on patio til after 5 pm.
    This is Asthma weather for me.
    I have 2 fans going inside & it is ok. We are supposed to have this heat wave right thru til next week. Disgusting! I think with the Western fires it has heated up the atmosphere & that coupled with jet Stream coming up from South over Great Lakes it is making for more heat than usual.
    I think I make a better Weather person then the Weather Channel, lol….

    1. LOL LOL!!! about better Weather person! It’s the 1st of September, and the air feels fresh and clean — it’s wonderful. I think you guys there in ON have probably a month more to go …

  6. G-D help us! I can’t ;live in 30+ C weather wit Humidex’s daily…..
    I would love some ‘fresh clean’ ait at this point & only 2 days in, lol…

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