St. Louis Street
Horse and carriage on St. Louis Street

Came back last night. After nine hours in the cool, air-conditioned bus, it was a shocker to get out in Saint John … not to mention the apartment building. It’s HOT! It was hot in Quebec too, but not the same humidity. It seems we’re getting all the heat we didn’t get earlier this summer, and in one fell swoop.

So, last night I entered some type of lethargic state and nothing have been done. I processed a few pictures this morning, while it’s still bearable in here.

Samuel Champlain
Samuel Champlain

Sunday, I’d devoted to picture taking in the old city of Quebec. Started out very early, in order to avoid the crowds but I failed miserably. They’d all thought the same thing, and after all, these are the really, touristy part of the city. You don’t exactly feel like you’re in North America! The architecture, the language … everything is different.

FrontenacAnd as I was walking the most touristy parts, of course I had to take this picture that everyone else takes … there just was no avoiding it 🙂 Chateau Frontenac! It’s a Fairmont Hotel.

As the temperature goes down here, more pictures will be processed and posted. It was lovely to see Quebec again, but when I saw Saint John and the ocean from the bus window last night … I knew I was home!

17 thoughts on “return

  1. The architecture is very beautiful indeed! Sorry you are sweltering with humidity, my wife is in Virginia for a few days and is gasping for air because of the humidity.

    Humidity is one of many reasons we left Michigan as she has asthma. Las Vegas is dry year round… Glad you had a safe trip – Judy Garland was right – there’s no place like home!

    1. Last night, around 11PM, I was out on the balcony, gasping for air.

      Yes, QC is very different — it feels like going abroad …

  2. I love the touristy parts! I am just fascinated by any other culture and architecture. Awww, it’s nice to love your home. The heat just drains you of any desire to do things. Even being in and out.

  3. Quebec is a beautiful city, It’s architecture is so different from anything I have seen; I love it.
    But as nice as it was for you to visit, as you say – “there’s no place like home”!

    1. Yes, it sure is … you just can’t believe you’re still in Canada! It had been seven years since I left, and it was good to see it again …

    1. It really wasn’t all that early, when I think of it … 9:30.

      Knowing what I know now, I should have been up and out at least 7:30 or so …

      Have a wonderful trip! Italy would be awesome!

      1. 09:30 isn’t early at all when you’re in a popular place and want to avoid the hordes of tourists. You should be out and about already around 07:00. Once we were in Bruges: we arrived early in the morning (around 6/7 I guess) and had the streets for ourselves for a couple of hours. Suddenly, after breakfast time, the streets were packed with people!

  4. Simply awesome photos!! 😀

    I’m sorry that you are in a heatwave, I really feel for you and wish and hope that you’ll get some cooler weather ASAP!!

    1. Thanks … Yes, this was unexpected, and very late in the summer! They say that by Friday the wind will have turned so we’ll get drier air. The dampness is the worst …

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