Quebec revisited

IMG_1676After seven years, I’m back. Arrived yesterday, late afternoon, after an excruciatingly hot, six-hour-trip. The a/c wasn’t working in the car, and when we crossed the bridge into Quebec City, the thermometer showed 34ºC [93ºF]. I don’t dare to think about  how hot it was in the car. Getting into this little air conditioned motel felt like heaven. I have my camera with me of course … that’s one of the main reasons for this trip, but today only iPhone photos have been taken.

chairs_placestfoyI went to the shopping malls [they are three adjacent] this morning. Had planned to spend the whole day there, but wandering around and all the visual impressions get more tiring than one would imagine!

apple-storeVisited an Apple store for the first time in my life! Didn’t do anything, just looked around. I’d been thinking, loosely, about bringing my old Mac there, but I had to book an appointment and I didn’t know exactly when I’d be there … secondly, I’m taking a bus back, and didn’t want to lug it around together with everything else. Will have to transfer twice, during that bus ride.  In any event, I was surprised to see how many people there were that early in the morning!

lac-beauportMy husband’s son picked me up at the mall when I was finished, and we went out to Lac-Beauport, where we used to live … that’s 20 kilometres outside of Quebec City. We drove around the lake, looked at the old homestead of course, and I also went to the grocery store. So many memories …

20 thoughts on “Quebec revisited

  1. Someone just told me, “everywhere you go, there you are” and that is what I was thinking when you talked about going to the old places. How did the house look?

    When I go to the malls or any stores I find after awhile I get headaches from just the mass of products and their smells.

    1. The house looked very different. It felt a little strange, thinking that I lived there for five years … I’ve been away longer than I lived there.

      In the malls and such places, I often think of the people who work in that environment for at least 8 hours a day … the noise and the lights!

        1. It is Québec, after all…
          But, then again, it could be worse… You could be in Montréal (home of Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve and the Canadian Grand Prix; )

  2. I’m impressed that you after all managed that long trip in that heat! I do not think I would have! I would have fainted or gotten sick for sure!

    I can imagine it must have been a bit of mixed feelings to be back there… Will be looking forward to see more of the photos! 🙂 And I am also glad that you are back safe and sound! Kram!

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