There’ll always be ducks

mallard_upright-minMy husband’s son is down here, visiting, from Quebec. We were out yesterday, and he asked whether I take as many pictures as I used to. I thought about that for a while and said “no, I’ve probably taken as many duck- and squirrel photos I’d ever need!”, and laughed a little. Of course, I don’t need any  duck- or squirrel photo! It’s just this little rewarding hobby that I have. Nothing or no one is forcing me to “develop my style as an artist” or anything fluffy like that.

What I can and will develop, though, is my shooting and editing skills. For those who are into editing in Photoshop: How come it’s so easy to remove colour-cast in NIK? Why can’t it be that way in Photoshop itself? Compare these two:

northern_pintail-minLooking in my Waterfowl folder now, I realize there will always be new ducks to shoot, it won’t go away. This is the Northern Pintail — one of the most elegant ducks I know of — and when I see them I will shoot them … no matter how many pictures I already have.

17 thoughts on “There’ll always be ducks

  1. Photoshop is incredibly difficult to use and overpriced. Just my two cents… Your fowl photos are so gorgeous!

    1. Well … it’s habit forming at least — once you’ve started with it, it’s difficult to let go. I’ve tried, many times.

      Thank you, about the ducks. I love them 🙂

  2. Speaking of stunning “header” photos…
    (He’s so beautifully captured, he almost doesn’t look real; )
    The next time self-doubt rears its ugly head, just remember that [you know] you’ve got talent and kick it to the curb: )

    1. Aww … thank you, Deb! 🙂
      One thing I’ve really noticed, about shooting birds in flight — one really has to keep up the practice all the time. Haven’t done it for a while, and that’s where the cormorants come in handy …

      1. Are the cormorants around longer/more often? Or just bigger and easier to track?
        Totally sucks about the geese gathering already. I’ve noticed that here too):):
        MUCH too early!!
        Like CG said: a bad sign…

        1. We have an abundance of Cormorants at the Reversing Falls, where they fish when the time is rolling in. So … you always know where to find them … en masse! 🙂 Sometimes the occasional Cormorant ventures out to the park too … they look so funny when they’re sitting there with all the mallards! As if they’ve taken a break from all the fishing 🙂

  3. Carry on doing what you are doing Rebekah; as long as you are enjoying it, you’re on a winner! As you can see, we all love your photos.
    I see the difference in those two photos – I thought Photoshop was the bees-knees of photo editing programs? It’s odd you can’t remove the colour cast there yet you can in the other one. By the way, I’ve never heard of NIK – will check it out.

    1. You can, it’s just that I have to find out how, and it isn’t as easy as one click. NIK is a bunch of ‘filters’ … apparently Google bought Nik Software in 2013, and the bunch costs $149 US.

      Thank you! 🙂 Birds and animals … that’s what I enjoy the most, so just like you say … I’ll just keep on doing that. People … that’s so not for me.

  4. Wow that is a stunning photo on the header! Love it! And the other photos is awesome as well! I think your duck and squirrel photos are amazing. 🙂

    We used to have a LOT of Canada geese in my smalltown many years ago…. I wonder where they all went. Would love taking photos of them

    1. Thank you! That header duck is photoshopped a great deal … it shows more when it comes up as a header, methinks.

      Perhaps people stopped feeding them, that usually makes them go away …?!

      1. You’re welcome! 🙂 It is almost like a painting!

        Yes could be so… just a shame that they’re gone.

  5. I agree about shooting the same images over and over. There is beauty in repetition. Especially if it’s something you love gazing at.

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