plant life

prayer plantPrayer plant — my favourite indoor plant. Never been without one. This was just a crappy looking photo I was playing around with last night in Nik/Photoshop. Now I like it.

Back in Sweden, all windows, in all homes and apartments, have a window sill like this: fonsterbank-ebba-bjork

Good for plants … and cats! 🙂 Here, we just place them anywhere in the apartment, where they can get light.

I have a big folder with RAW photos “for review”, so to speak. I need to go through it and see which ones should go. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a little obsessive about the pictures. Guess I’m hoping there just might be something in there … worth saving. I was amazed last night, while working on the Prayer plant, how I could bring out the details in the darker, right area of the photo … and do it easily, with the Nik software. I might have missed something in Photoshop — I’m not all that proficient in it.

When I’d first bought the camera, in 2009, and heard people talking about shooting pictures in .RAW format, I thought it was something ‘complicated’ or difficult. Don’t know where I got that from. Once I started, I just couldn’t go back. It has saved so many pictures that would have had to go otherwise. The only difference was that I needed an external hard drive. The RAW files are huge and would fill up my computer in no time.

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  1. I confess to hesitating about RAW because of the amount of space and the feeling that it is a nuisance to have to convert yo jpg before I can post them. However, I suspect it is stemming more from feeling not good enough as a photographer.

    1. RAW’s what saved me — I don’t feel I’m good enough photographer either! Heh! Space is an issue, I bought a 3TB hard drive in Costco.

  2. That is why I quit doing RAW. Such large files. I love the fact that you can take a so so or not so good photo and make it really cool looking with filters or just playing.

    1. Yes, the files are immense. Without the external HD, I wouldn’t know what to do. I’m also very careful about what to really save. That’s why I have that folder for reviewing.

  3. Nice plant and photo!

    As you already know I don’t do RAW. And I sure do get so so photos in jpg, but I have noticed that I can make them look so much better in PaintShop Pro x5 and even more in PSP x7 Ultimate! 🙂 So I am happy with that!

  4. Hey Bekah, good to hear from you – wondered where you’d gone, and thought I’d already signed up, but I guess not): Obviously I’ve missed a lot. Trying again. Having to re-enter my info each time puts a real damper on the commenting, though…
    But hopefully this won’t be an issue now.
    One more time…

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