Mesh: A New Way to Share Photo Galleries

I just downloaded and tried this on my iPhone. It looks pretty neat, but what about storage?! Do the images get stored somewhere?

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The first version of Mesh is available for the iPhone. If you’re an Android user or prefer to use Mesh from your desktop, log in from our website at

We’d love to know what you think of Mesh, so please leave feedback!

In a recent photo challenge, Beneath Your Feet, we introduced Mesh, a new way to share galleries. Mesh makes it easy to take your photos and videos off your phone and into a gallery, which you can share with anyone, anywhere.

With a few taps, you can make a new mesh of images. Each mesh has its own unique link, which you can share anywhere and is viewable by anyone who has the link.

Not sure how you might use Mesh? Here are some examples:

Blog post ideas:

  • A set of images, embedded in your photo challenge submission.
  • A photo essay or story from your kayaking…

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9 thoughts on “Mesh: A New Way to Share Photo Galleries

  1. suzink

    It looks like Instagram only you can make slides and collages of your pictures. They probably store them but compress them a lot.

  2. daydreamer2011

    Don’t think it’s anything for me… I think Flickr is enough. And then I save all my photos on my external harddrive as well

    1. tassitus Post author

      I don’t know if I get it, but I think this is just for sharing … like in your blog, if you want to share a whole bunch of pictures that go together … from an event of some sort. But I don’t know what the difference is from just uploading them here, and do the ordinary gallery-thing. Of course, with this new thing, you can email them, or share them elsewhere …


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