Downloaded a free trial [15 days] of niksoftware from Google. I’d never heard about it before, and then I came across it twice, in two fellow bloggers‘ posts the same week. Decided to check it out.

At first, I was confused — was it a standalone programme or just a plugin for Photoshop?! Turns out it must be both. One of the above mentioned bloggers doesn’t have Photoshop and he tells me it’s standalone. In my case, during the installation, it ‘sensed’ I had Photoshop, so it works like a plugin. Haven’t explored it much yet … just did the one here above, a filter called Analog.

I don’t think this is a thing for me, but it could be fun to play with for fifteen days.

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  1. I downloaded and tried Color Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro and HDR Efex Pro earlier, but I haven’t installed it on my new computer and didn’t really like these programs (didn’t use them enough to get to know them properly).

    1. After I’d written that post, I’ve played with them a little more. Still don’t feel that this is something I want to keep. That’s a good thing to feel that way … they’re rather pricey, even though they’ve lowered the price, big time.

            1. Yeah?! Guess you just have to watch out for where you’re getting them from.

              I’ve been playing a little more with it now, and admittedly, it IS fun, but I’m not going to go for it šŸ™‚

  2. Wow, I see Google has aquired this. That seems strange that they would be involved with photo effects. I love vintage effects but I usually make my own overlays. You have done that too haven’t you? I love the green background you have to the left. I would use that as an overlay.

    1. Yes, I was surprised too, and apparently it’s even a couple of years ago! Never knew it!

      Since I wrote, I’ve been checking it out, and you can go wild with the HDR effects if you’re so inclined šŸ™‚ They’re really, really good … I see that now!

      But yes, there sure are cheaper ways to obtain the vintage effect.

      That background was green while you read it, it’s change to blue now and I made it šŸ™‚

    1. It’s a photo editor … a very expensive one. You can add lots of different ‘filters’ to pictures … make them look old or whatever ..

  3. Same here. Some things just frustrate me to bits. I enjoy blogging altho’ I am no table to blog as much. I hope as Winter draws in & Siddhartha is older I will have more time to blog!

  4. Since July 31st’s door dashing incident Siddhartha Henry was great. Then this past Friday, Aug. 14th he ‘door dashed’ again as I was leaving for Temple. I dropped keys, cane & purse & kicked off shoes to go after him. It did not end well. I caught him & spanked him & tossed him into apt. Went to Temple in a foul mood. Mellowed & came home to him trying to ‘door dash’ again. (He had Bach’s twice that day!). I got inside & he proceeded to ‘holler’ at me non stop. So Siddhartha Henry did time out in Al-Kat-traz aka bathroom so I could watch “Heartbeat” in peace. He was fine during “Time Team”. I was so upset tho’; I cried myself to sleep that nite.
    So far been well behaved this weekend! I do not understand what is ‘wrong’ with him Rebby…

  5. LOL @ ADHD! I was thinking that. I say he has “A$$Purrger’s” (Asperger’s Syndrome).
    I have figured out it is partly due to his part feral nature & his more highly strung nature than his Brother AND he would like to be outside exploring. Roaming free is not feasible here. Giving him back is my last resort. I am ‘in love’ with him so have decided to work on distressing him>>>inducing calm.
    So I have the Bach’s Rescue Remedy & now I am using Head To Tail Calming Treats…gave him on yesterday & he calmed down & actually enjoyed himself out in Condo!!
    Here is link to the Calming Treats:
    Showed it to my friend Marilyn who is into Holistic/homeopathic/wholesome treatments & she says these treats are PERFECT & she is going to get some for her Shih Tzu Missy!
    So fingers crossed both treatments will work.
    Today I rubbed Bach’s in each ear when he wanted to go out & started ‘hollering”. He has been calm & sleeping for a few hours. Around 4-5 pm when he wants supper & to go out I will give him Calming treat & see how it works….
    If I can set up a regime where he gets Bach’s in morning & Calming treat around mid afternoon then he will have a calming influence thru out day into the evening.
    The only other options are Xanax (a Human drug) or taking him back to the Farm; neither work for me!!!!!
    So say a prayer for us!!!!

      1. Can you imagine putting a cat on Xanax??? I would not even consider Human meds like that for a 4 legged. Mind you I thought of Lorazepam briefly….for both of us! HAH!!
        I have done a lot f reading & spoke to many people & the general consensus is Siddhartha Henry will outgrow this ‘crazypants’ behavior by the time he reaches 2 yrs of age.
        I hope so. I know he is a sensitive cat so I am prepared (more or less) for anything Rebby! šŸ˜‰

        1. I have Lorazepam here … they are so tiny pills, and I know what effect they have on ME. Considering the proportions between a cat’s body and mine … to try and administer that to a cat, would only be a crumb. Scary stuff, wouldn’t even DREAM of it. Hope it gets sorted out!

  6. LOL @ Lorazepam! I hear you Rebby! I would not use that on a cat ever.
    I want to stay with herbal/flower preparations for Siddhartha Henry.
    We just had another ‘incident’. My system is not ‘foolproof’ yet!

    1. I can feel exactly what it’s like. Don’t know how I would handle it. I was pretty desperate when I had Murphy, I had to work full time, and I was so tired at work, it wasn’t funny …

  7. UGH that must have been very rough on both of you. Back then there was only Bach’s Remedy for Humans but people used it on their 4 leggeds>>>so there were a lot of tipsy cats & dogs I am sure as Human version has Alcohol in it! Too bad you didn’t get some for yourself šŸ˜‰
    Siddhartha Henry had a bit of freak out in Condo today….I was talking to Jon’s Aunt on the phone & S H freaked out & was staring at ?nothing? Pacing & hollering. I managed to get him out of bigger Condo into small Condo & brought him in. He scratched right arm….he ran to litterbox…he was trying to tell me he had ‘to go’!!! I didn’t mind the scratch because I knew he was distressed about something. It is a learning process for both of us šŸ˜‰

    1. I don’t know if we had anything like Bach’s there. In hindsight, I should have checked, but I doubt they have any.

      Yeah, in that case you described, it seems to have been a gap in communication šŸ™‚

  8. Bach’s for Humans has been around for years & years…maybe you did have it back home & just never heard of it. I did not know about it til 1991 when I met Laura & Dave who had 8 rabbits, 2 dogs, 4 cats & 2 Budgies. She always had Bach’s on hand for whoever needed it!!
    LOL @ the gap of communication. I seriously NEED an Burmese to English dictionary Rebby!
    I have always understood my tabbies & Simpson the Abbysinnian & the Siamese girls.
    Burmese is totally foreign to me, LOL…
    Mind you today I understood him better & brought him for supper on time šŸ™‚
    Progress!!! šŸ˜‰

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