14 Replies to “confirm your account …”

  1. I think there are so many sites that grab your email and it goes on a list. What is it they used to call it? Bots? I loaded every piece of spam in the spam folder for awhile and as I have quit signing up for things my spam has gotten more sparse. I also dropped Facebook and supposedly they sell your name to third party. Since I did that my spam has dropped a lot.

    1. That’s terrific, that you don’t sign up for anything anymore! The spammers have their ways … their little scripts or whatever. In my regular account, I don’t get any spam at all.

      I’m more baffled over the ones who don’t know their own email.

  2. I am always careful when online. I have one email account connected to FB. That way all FB stuff is separate.
    I have my other email account for daily emails & WP & that works great. On this account I get only a few SPAM a month! Seriously lucky that way! I am sorry you had so much trouble with SPAM!

  3. I have always been ‘whitevalleyprincess’ so that is easy to remember. I have only had Hotmail then Yahoo & now GMX so easy to remember.
    My AOL account is totally different & only for FB & emergency emails.
    Less is more for me, lol.

  4. I have never got any email from FaceBook? But I have noticed if I am signed in to FB and have another tab up surfing around. Then I see ads on the side of FB of about the same things I have been watching on the other tab LOL

    Luckily I do not get much spam at all in any of my email accounts. Just a few here and there.

    1. Oh and I would NEVER in my life use any of them dating pages!! Like you say…. who knows what kind of person it really is there behind the picture/name …

    2. What I meant was that people sign UP for Facebook, with an email address they think they have, but it’s mine. They may have niftyemail0808 at email.com whereas I have niftyemail at email.com, and they use that. It happens ALL the time, it’s not Facebook’s fault. I get others too … mainly from dating sites, but today it was a guy who applied for a job in a hotdog stand in Västerås … ha ha!

  5. I have an email account I use for FB, and other things, but my “main” mail account is held out of it, I dont get spam often, maybe because I have good protection on my PC? FB is awfull with adverts, also dating sites

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