In the grocery store

While waiting in the check-out line, I noticed a young girl who was obviously anorectic. It’s summer, with hot weather, so people dress accordingly … there was no doubt.

The young cashier girl was morbidly obese.

I kept wondering what their thoughts were, when they looked at each other.

It was equally sad to look at them both.

18 Replies to “In the grocery store”

  1. I think that most people suffer from some degree of body dysmorphia and it is not helped by fashion, revealing advertisements, celebrity, etc.

    It’s a mess. A mess of values and exploitation.

    1. True!

      And the obesity epidemic here in North America is a ticking time bomb. Our province is on top of the list in Canada, and that’s pretty obvious when you go grocery shopping. Scary to see what people do to their own bodies.

  2. It seems the culture these days is working towards a healthier status but in all cases the ones in a powerful position always seem to carry everything to extremes. We all know what hurts us but with the social media culture we are bombarded with weight loss and gain along with delicious food photos and recipes. I always think how ironic it is when I see a magazine touting weight loss and fashion and right below it are cake recipes.

    1. It’s a very complex issue indeed.

      It saddens me though, to see all the ones who could really use a big weight loss, pushing their chariots brimming over with potato chips and Coca-Cola/Pepsi.

  3. Haha, what a sight! 🙂
    I was at the gym yesterday and there you’ll see people with problems too: the ones that are trying to be as huge as possible, doing steroids and shit like that. It has some name that’s similar to anorexia, but I can’t remember the name of this disorder right now.

    1. Yeah right! There’s that too, forgot about that one! Not only does it screw with their bodies, but with their heads too … What’s wrong with people!

  4. I have some dysmorphia…when I was slender thought I was overweight & looked fat. Now I am overweight (due to meds & mobility issues) & I do not realize just how much weight I have gained!
    As for many obese people they have probably given up on a good body weight & image due to circumstances. Many people I know have medical issues or are low income or a combo….after a while they just give up & do not care what they look like. The food itself becomes its own addiction.
    And trust me it is easier to access ‘junk food’ & soda pop than fruits & juice when one goes to variety stores.

    1. My entire life, I’ve seen myself as overweight. When I look at old photos of myself, I see now I clearly wasn’t.

      You’re probably right, they must have given up when it got out of hand, in combination with everything else. It’s a very complex issue.

  5. Same here. And then when I AM overweight I think I look ‘normal’…I am all ‘bass ackwards’ in self perception!
    I am guilty of buying snacks or cookies when I am upset. (No soda pop).
    I figure eating some junk food is still ‘safer’ than drinking or doing something far worse 😉 It is a complex situation. When a person only has so much money for food it is limiting & it seems cheap food I well, cheap…filling if nothing else. It drives me crazy when people suggest I get this or that Vitamin(s) or certain organic foods I can’t afford. Or lecture me on proper eating…I could just scream. Plus I have a lot of trouble trying to prepare fancy meals now…I got upset at one person when they told me what I ‘should’ be doing & I suggested she come &cook suppers for me. That shut her up quick!
    Oh & I do not ‘qualify’ for home care so I can’t get the assistance I need which makes things even more difficult…..
    Sorry I digressed! This topic is one that I could go on about for hours…

    1. You’re right — it’s a huge topic, and it has so many angles. I quit soda pop when I was told a little can [33cl] corresponded to 13 lumps of sugar. Before that, I drank Coca-Cola all the time … and then I quit. I have a glass when we go to McD’s, and that tastes good, but that’s all. I’m no health freak, would never lecture anyone about anything at all … and I smoke for Pete’s sake, so I can’t say anything at all. Seeing those two, young girls at the same time, though, was … saddening.

  6. I have 1 Root Beer a year & the only soda pop I drink is Ginger Ale & usually for an upset tummy or if I have Flu. I drink water or Cranberry Juice mostly.
    2 cups of coffee in the morning. Only Decaf Tea in afternoon & evening.
    Now if I could sort out the ‘junk food’ issue!
    And I agree seeing 2 girls at opposite ends of spectrum would be very very sad….

    1. I start out with three mugs of black coffee in the morning, but usually that’s all until after supper! Since I quit working, I hardly drink any coffee anymore! I drink water in the evenings … with lime taste. It’s become a habit, and I guess I stay hydrated 🙂

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