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Mornings … that’s my time for writing and some reading. Today I somehow came across an app called Notegraphy. It’s free so I installed it, to see what it was all about. Could have used the web version too, I realize now.

Well … you write something, then there are oodles of nifty backgrounds ‘n stuff, you can add one of your photos too. Wanted to try it out so I wrote something … a haiku. But when I was about to hit «Publish» I got all … flustered and hesitant — was it good enough?! I don’t know what got into me … normally I don’t have a problem sharing anything — just read this blog! LOL I kept going back, fixing with it several times before I published it.

Perhaps it was because on Instagram now, I have so many people I know in real life … people from back home. In Twitter nobody really looks, and I only share links …

Anyway, here is my little publication 🙂 https://notegraphy.com/tassitus/note/1954728

click for better viewingThe fog we’ve had for several days is just lifting. Unusually early — it’s only 9 o’clock and most of the time it burns off by noon. Yesterday it was really thick and we stayed at home. Still felt I wanted to do something with my camera, so I took a picture of my own computer. I wanted a header image of my own, here in the blog, and what could be more fitting than my new MacBook. All my words and images are processed by the Mac, so … why not.

DSC_7242-minWe had rain showers too, but strangely enough the water dried up quickly … didn’t make for any good droplet photos — just a little. This was shot with the 50mm lens. The good droplet images I’ve taken have been merely by chance … not my own doings.  A different lens — a macro lens — would probably be good and probably very expensive too. I’m more interested in duck photography, so that’s not very high on my priority list.

Now I’ll hit «Publish» here, and I don’t have a problem with that at all 😀

12 Replies to “hit publish”

  1. I haven’t looked at your link yet but I got a macro from Amazon that wasn’t that expensive and it’s fun to play with. You might look at what they have to offer.

            1. That’s good, but when I think about it now, I wonder what happened … those electrons must have jumped way over the synapses or whatever … ‘macro’, for Pete’s sake!!! ROFL

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