14 Replies to “Do you see the arrow?”

  1. I see the airplanes in the Swedavia logo…it is very clever.
    As for the FedEx logo I do not see the arrow!! I have tried & tired but nothing! what am I missing!!!
    My fave logo is the Ferrari logo with the rearing horse! Surprising huh??? Hehehee…I tend to lean towards car & truck logos…. I will send you a photo via regular email… 😉
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

    1. Look at FedEx again … how the arrow forms in the E and the x …a white arrow.

      I’ve seen the Ferrari now, and that’s totally awesome with those horses!!! Thank you 🙂

      1. THE Arrow!!!! NOW I see it!! How could I have missed it Rebby??? ROFL!
        Isn’t that Ferrari logo FAB? By the way a Ferrari won the Formula 1 race today 🙂

        1. Yay … doesn’t it feel great when it is revealed?! LOL

          I’ve sort of lost the grip of Formula 1 and all car races … used to follow that long time ago …

          1. I would have seen the arrow w/out your help! I am not always good at details 😉
            There are the sons of Rosberg & Raikkinon racing now! It is so cool to watch the next generation racing with such passion!

    1. I didn’t spot the arrow by myself … someone pointed it out a few years ago. It’s very clever.

      I thought Swedavia had a snowflake at first, but then I saw the planes LOL

      1. It was YOU that told me about that arrow a while ago. I had not seen it before either LOL

        Haha I thought it was a snowflake too the first time I saw that logo!!

              1. Yes almost 5. I were really tired from last night as I fell asleep around 3 then… so I thought for sure that I would sleep good this night. Well I did fall asleep, a few hours lol.

                Ahhhh I guess you’re off to bed soon then!

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