Old files

All this moving computer, has meant a lot of sorting and going through old files. This morning I found a folder entitled Y360. That meant Yahoo 360º — my first blogging platform.

When they shut it down, they [Yahoo] produced some kind of export tool. I don’t remember all the details of it now, but I didn’t get it to work, or I wanted to make sure I had it saved. Hence, I’d saved every page as full HTML pages, not just text files. It looks like when you’re using the Time Machine.

In any event, as I came by this folder now, I went back to see when I started it. Turns out it was July 21, 2005. Ten years, almost to the day!

At that time I still didn’t know anything about Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, but it wouldn’t be long before I found out. I’d just realized I could format my post with HTML, and I was excited about that. They had all kinds of frames, tables, colours … you name it. «Just because I could», I guess.

A little later I got a bootlegged copy of Paint Shop Pro from a woman in San Diego, and then things went really crazy. There were graphics and flowery backgrounds everywhere. Normally, that isn’t my style at all — it was all for the same reason as above: ‘because I could’. In Flickr I have an album called “Backgrounds”. It has 1,500+ seamless tiles in it!!!

Anyway, it’s a great memory and I’m glad I stored all those HTML pages! Y360º meant a lot … it was more of a community than a blog — we were all new to this medium and had a lot of fun! I met people I’d never have met otherwise. Three of them are here in my WordPress circle [@suznok @nylabluesmum @daydreamer2012].

I’ll never understand why Yahoo shut this down. They had a really good thing going for them, in a time when everything else [except Mail and Flickr] was going downhill fast. There are oodles of business decisions like that I don’t understand … Why Twitter bought Posterous and shut it down, for example?! I can’t see that Posterous would be any kind of ‘threat’ to Twitter? Facebook bought FriendFeed … but that I can perhaps understand a little better … they probably wanted the knowledge. I miss FriendFeed.

21 Replies to “Old files”

  1. Until I read your post here I didn’t know that FriendFeed had shut down.

    What do you miss in FriendFeed?

    What did you do with your Posterous stuff? I imported mine into a WP.com blog that I set up for the purpose. It is sitting there and the only time I look at it is when I use it to test another WP theme.

    1. It was a nice community there, and it was great to learn about all new stuff, almost as it happened.

      I forget what I did with it … I think I totally missed out on exporting. I kind of liked Posterous. Never understood why Twitter would want to pay for it, just to kill it …

    2. One event stands out in my memory: the day Google was about to release the Chrome browser. How we all waited together, there in FF … Once it was out, we all downloaded, of course, and then all the ‘ooohhhs and awwws’ 🙂

      I had the impression, though, that most, or at least many, in my circle, lived in Silicon Valley …

  2. Thank you for the mention Rebby!!! I have only the text from Yahoo 360 days on PC & CD disc.
    Remember Yahoo 360 turned into Multiply & it as so lovely! Then somewhere in the Philippines the Multiply people decided to close our blogsite…
    I dumped the photos & saved the texts as best I could…they were ruthless.
    I started blogging on 360 August of 2005……you were my 1st contact…..we have come a long long way, lol….

    1. In the very beginning, Multiply was in Florida somewhere … they were eventually sold to the Philippines. It was strange; that migration from Yahoo to Multiply … so many platforms to choose from, but someone chose Multiply and all of us followed. Could just as well have been WordPress, which would have been better, in hindsight 🙂

      1. I totally AGREE Rebby!!! I just went with the flow because I was so new to blogging & it was easier to stay with Multiply! It was because of you & Maggie M. & Toby K. that I came to WP. I was so lost. I had no idea where to go! All I knew was I wanted to continue blogging.
        Toby K no longer blogs but is on FB & follows us as does Nancy S. who was also a 360/Multiply person. There was also Maureen C.; Eevee V.; & Fatos C. They are all on FB & keep in touch that way which is nice…I value my friendships with my long term bloggers a lot….. 😉

        1. I do too … value, a lot!

          Now, when I think about it, in Multiply I managed to export my blog, or at least the major parts of it, and upload it to WordPress. I have that stored away in a separate account here.

          1. You were able to upload??? You are lucky! When I tried exporting it would not work so I had to save to PC & then back up. W/out photos tho’ it is just ‘dry text’.

            1. I don’t remember how it was with the pictures … don’t think they flew. I’ve set that account to ‘private’ … will go and look now.

              1. I deleted a lot of photos as they were pix from Internet. I did not have many pix of Mingflower or Nylablue at that point. I keep the CD disc of the text for sentimental purposes…….

                1. Heh … I went in there now and looked. Took 25 posts out of privacy, out in the open. That resulted in that I got 25 emails from WordPress telling me that something had changed LOL!!!

                  Some had pictures … others were just broken links.

  3. I had some Yahoo thing going too back in the days. Also something called Tripod which was a blog/website thing. I asked them to delete it a few years later, but they said that they never delete pages/blogs.
    So I wrote them back and said: “No problem. I’ll just upload a lot of porn on my site instead.”
    Then my wish was granted.

    1. Ah hah ha!!! Yes, there was something, beginning with Tri- …was it really Tripod? Well, you came up with a solution at least … that did the trick 😀

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