Sometimes it happens …

Yesterday it happened,  that I saw something but my camera didn’t see it the same way as I did. Every now and then that happens … and most often it’s landscape. Perhaps it’s just my mind, playing tricks on me or I’m unable to capture it in a way so that it comes out the right way.

What I saw yesterday, was a patch of blue — this wildflower was flowering so intensely so, to me, this whole strech of grass was blue. I had one lens with me: 18-200mm. I tried all kinds of angles, but nothing came out as impressive as I saw it.

I don’t know where I go wrong with these things. I don’t feel that I was able to capture the intensity of it all … it looks merely like a pointless patch of grass with a little blue in it — only in the close-up you can see it.

6 Replies to “Sometimes it happens …”

  1. I’ve had this happen countless times, so you are not alone!

    It should work best with a long focal length that compresses the scene front-to-back and when shot from a low angle.

    Thinking about it now I wonder whether it is because of trying to capture too much small detail relative to the scene. For example, a field of sunflowers would show up OK because the individual heads are big and close to one another. What do you think?

    1. Yes, I may have stood too close … could have turned out better, if I’d stood away and focused in a bit on the whole thing.

      One time, I actually surprised myself, when I wanted to capture some really hilly street here — with a little cropping, that one turned out just as I wanted.

      I may go back today … it’s good when you have that option 🙂

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