These are the times…

… that make it all worthwhile, hanging on to my camera and not giving up on photography.


It doesn’t matter how many times I get to see a Bald Eagle — the feeling’s still the same … the feeling of awe and gratitude. To get close enough so that the eagle looks me in the eye … that gives me goosebumps. The U.S.A. has made this magnificent bird their symbol, but unfortunatelyย most Americans have never seen one in real life. Here, quite often, they fly by our apartment building ๐Ÿ™‚

This was yesterday on Kingston peninsula. For all I know it could have been the same guy as threeย years ago ๐Ÿ™‚ ย — you never know!

From the car, I spotted something white, in amongst the branches, we halted, and there he was [or she]! I tiptoed towards it, while shooting all the time, and managed to get some decent photos. Could hardly wait to get home and bring them up on the computer! Sometimes they look really good on the little display on the camera, only to disappoint you when you get them up. Not so this time.

DSC_7011-minHe sat there for quite a while, looking around for some lunch, I guess, and then took off.

There are two rivers mouthing here in Saint John: the mighty Saint John River and Kennebecasis River. In between, there’s this Kingston peninsula, where we went yesterday. I’ve often seen eagles there so I’m always in anticipation when we go. The ferry closest to us has been down all summer, so we drove up to Grand Bay-Westfield and took the ferry from there, then the Gondola Point one back. With the air-conditioning on in the car, it was a real shocker to get out, once we arrived! The thermometre said 27ยฐC but boy, was it ever scorching! The few people who live there, were out, mowing … going about their stuff, seemingly unperturbed by the sweltering heat. I don’t know how they do it — I was just happy to go back to Saint John and the ocean!



23 Replies to “These are the times…”

  1. like you, I love these eagles and am always thrilled to see one. There is a nest in the woods on our walk and, not every day but still, we get to watch one or two soaring over the shubenacadie! Always a blessing. Thank you for sharing your images and thoughts.

    1. Thank you, Joss! Shubenacadie … is that the reserve?
      To me, they’re also such a great reminder of those strange twists and turns our lives take … that I’m here! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Won’t be too long now, huh?

        1. Been missing you too Joss. Hope you’re managing to stay cool by your beloved Shubenacadie; )
          Hmm, Shubenacadie… I wonder, what does it mean? Is it a Mi’kmaq/ Mi’kmaw word (French version of Sipeknekatik?). [You know me, always wondering, sorry; ]

  2. Such beautiful photos Bekah; so glad to see you haven’t lost your touch! (Or your camera; )
    Osprey are a common sight here, not far from Rice Lake, and I’d heard that there were Bald Eagle; but we actually saw one here last summer – first time for me ever – and it was an incredible sight! It flew right over the house when all of us happened to be standing out in the driveway!: )
    Hope you don’t melt too badly, down there (although I honestly think that it feels worse when you’re used to having air conditioning all the time; )
    *Got the kinks out, thanks!: )

    1. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes, isn’t it an incredible feeling. My very first time was in Hopewell Rocks! He was sitting up in a tree.

      We only have a/c in the car. Driving somewhere like this, and then getting out … wow, that is a shocker! What has saved us here, so far [touch wood], this summer, is the fact that the humidity has been low. I can take hot weather, as long as it isn’t muggy. I’m enjoying every day … it’s very unusual here!

  3. I think the female has a darker head. I never looked it up but I think the white headed ones are male. Beautiful guy. I think they nest in the same place so it may well be the same one.

    1. They sure are beautiful! It makes me happy that they’re no longer on the threatened species list … a sign that things can be done!

      Last time I saw one, in this spot, a couple of years ago, the mosquitoes were totally killing me. Couldn’t stop shooting, but I still have the scars from all the bites on my legs ๐Ÿ™‚

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