IMG_1492Almost mid July, and this summer has been very good to us. All our windows are facing north so the sun doesn’t come around here until late afternoon and stays until it sets. It gets hot in the apartment then, but that’s only for a few hours and nothing you can’t deal with. I sat out on the balcony last night, reading on my iPhone, thinking what a pleasant night it was. All of last week, a friendly, little cloud cover has moved in, just about the time when it normally gets really hot.

The two, first summers we lived here were brutal, and I guess that taught me what it really can be like here! The first time, the head and, most of all, the humidity, moved in one day … it only took a quarter of an hour to change! Got out of a store we’d visited, and it was a shocker! Like a hot wet blanket was thrown over me! I’d only experienced that once before and that was in Florida, but I think this was worse! This stayed for more than a month, and the following summer was no different. I thought I was going to die … I just wanted to put a pillow in front of my face and scream into it. We had an a/c but that was only in one room. It made so much noise I couldn’t sleep there.

To add to all that misery, there was also some problems in the building so they couldn’t fully turn off the heat!!! Something about old pipes, which they explained to me numerous times. When you got out in the corridor and touched a door knob, it was so hot so you almost got burned. That has somehow been fixed since – not totally, it’s still an extremely hot building – but LOTS better.

IMG_1371-EFFECTSIn any event, all this made me dread summer! All this wasn’t just my usual griping … I was physically ill, my husband almost took me to the hospital. Now we’re into our seventh summer in Saint John and I love it!

I back up all of my photos to Google Photos, because I can and because it’s free. «If it’s free, it’s for me!» Sometimes they add little effects to them and ask me what I think ‘do you want to save it?’. Yesterday I got this, and I liked it. All of my .RAW files from the old computer seem to be lost forever, in the process of transferring them. I had them stored on my external hard drive, but that had to be converted to Windows file system. In order to do so, I had to back them up. I compressed the folders into .zip files, it was a huge process and it took lots of time, but I did it. Once I had them here, on this Windows computer, it turned out they cannot be extracted. Or rather; they can, but the files can’t be opened – neither in Photoshop nor Picasa. Some error. This is bad, but not such a huge disaster as it may sound. I have all my photos in regular .JPG format stored away, so it’s not like I’ve lost it all. I had just saved them, in case I wanted/needed to edit them. Guess I’m kind of obsessive about my pictures. Apart from that, all is now transferred over here.

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  1. Lovely photos Rebekah!!

    And I am glad that you are enjoying this summer so far! There’s nothing worse when it is too hot, and especially inside when you are going to sleep! yuk!

    I sure can imagine that feeling when you wanted to put a pillow in front of your face and scream! I’ve been there as well! This summer I am more comfortable though. We had just a few days of hot weather. And I know we probably will get some more days. As long as the heatwave don’t stay for weeks! I need a break in between lol

    That is totally weird and wrong, that you can burn yourself on a door knob!!

    I’m sorry that you can not open up your RAW files… but good thing you haven’t lost your photos all together!

    1. Yes, when you know it’s just for a few hours, then you can endure. I was exaggerating a little about those door knobs, but they’re made of metal so they were really hot though.

  2. We have had ‘pillow screaming’ Summers here also…it was worse when I lived in Hamilton I can tell you. Being 300 miles North has many advantages! And cooler temps is one of them!!
    I remember when the heat was still on in that building…how you did not ‘blow a gasket’ I do not know…I would have taken a hammer to the boiler I am sure……
    It has been rather hot here the past 2 days but it is cool at nite time so no complaints from me!!!

    1. Yeah, I guess it’s the fact that there’s absolutely NOTHING you can do about it, that almost makes me blow a gasket … the frustration! So far, so good … it’s extremely hot today, but hardly any humidity at all, and that makes all the difference.

      ~~flurries tonight~ ~

      1. LOL @ flurries tonight
        I can only hope!!!
        There was humidity the past 2 days here but it was bearable….
        I am thankful for a moderate summer because w/out the Pine tree we would be so-o hot!
        My solution for not ‘blowing a gasket’ is a cold shower, rofl 😉

        1. Yeah, the shower is a godsend … it’s mainly at night, tossing and turning, soaking wet, sheets twisted … then it’s pillow-screaming time 🙂

          Do you have pine trees around the building?

          1. UGH I despise tossing & turning & soaking wet sheets twisted or untwisted!!!
            We used to have pine & spruce & cedar & birch trees….
            The front of our building is devoid of 2-30 foot Spruce trees & 2-30 foot Cedars & 2 40 foot Pine trees….they were healthy…..sighs

          1. Red sky/sun at nite; sailor’s delight Rebby!!!! 😉
            That is how I felt about ‘my’pine tree…I adored that tree….I cried for 2 hours after it came down.
            No one here knows (well maybe 1 person). People would think I was crazy….
            Now the apt is too warm…UGH!

            1. I still feel sad when I look at the pictures of it, still standing outside our house.

              Turned out to be a fabulous day, weather-wise … just perfect with 21°C and no mugginess!

              The livingroom is better than the bedroom! More windows to keep open, the ceiling fan, and the other fan … Bedroom tends to get a little stuffy, in spite of the fan and the open screen window …

              1. I try to NOT look back at old blog pix with the trees in them….sighs….
                It was stifling here most of the day…hot & humid. Lots of places got rain; we got NADA? And we are under a T-Storm warning…..go figure….
                The wind has shifted & is coming out of the North & it is taking all the humidity away, thankfully….
                I am just glad the heat has left for now…
                Not sure if the T-storms are going to hit you there….hopefully not.

                1. No, it’s going to miss us totally … it’ll pass by Sable Island! The remnants of tropical storm Claudette 😀 We’ll get rain tomorrow, though, and that’s well needed ..

                  1. HUH there was a Hurricane? I missed that totally Rebby!
                    Maybe that is why we ad high wind Tuesday nite, But no rain until today (Friday!)
                    There is a hot muggy air mass about to ascend up over us here so it is going to be hot weekend. It is quite cool in the apartment today. Not complaining tho’… 😉

                    1. No, it was a tropical storm … Claudette, and it lost strength as it moved up.

                      This summer has been wonderful so far! The last two days have been perfect — just as I want Summer to be like!

                    2. Whether a Big “H” or a T. S. I am glad we did not get any backlash!!!! 😉
                      Next week you will have some humidity to deal with…..

                    3. These last two days have been so lovely … not even NOW, at 9PM it’s humid and we have the fans on the lowest! This is how summer should be 🙂

                    4. I’m so thankful very day here, because I’ve really dreaded summertime after those two, first summers we had when we moved here!

                      Our neighbour just knocked on the door, and handed us two bowls of some warm dessert she had … it tastes heavenly!!! great neighbour, huh! 🙂

                    5. I can imagine your worry over heated humid Summers!
                      Being raised in Canada I have lived thru many extremes of weather…but the humidity has always made me sick….it gets worse as I get older….
                      Your neighbor is a sweetie!
                      My neighbor is like that also…..
                      Boy I could go for some Ice Cream now, hahahaha!

                    6. HUMID & hot & awful outside! Hamilton had a Humidex of 40 Celsius today!!! So glad I am no there!!!
                      It is bad enough up here: 29 C with Humidex of 37 C which translated into our speak is TOO FREAKING HOT!!! LOL 😉
                      Hope it rains tonite!

                    7. OMG I’m so thankful I’m not there! I remember too well what it was like … got nothing done here at home in the way of house work, vacuuming and stuff like that was impossible to do. They have definitely fixed something in the building too … it’s still warm, but not at all the way it used to be. The bedroom is the worst, though, but again … a lot better.

                      Flurries tonight! 🙂

                    8. Send some flurries here Rebby!!! It is far too hot for me! Siddhartha henry yelled to go out but I would not take him out again. So he is lying by the patio door in the line of the fan so he is cooling off, lol.
                      Even with cloud cover it is too humid to sit out.
                      I hear you about cleaning…not happening in this heat!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    9. McDuff often line himself up in front of the fan too … but tonight he’s a little low — I think there might be some thunder going on somewhere or some other change in the air pressure …

                    10. LOL>>>McDuff the Feline Barometer!!!!
                      I just put the fan on ‘2’…now it is REALLY blowing here! I will be glad when the heat passes!

                    11. The fog is lifting somewhat now … and so is he 😊

                      They got plenty of snow in Australia today! World upside down … literally!

                    12. My friend Bev (FozzieMum) will be happy they got snow as it is better than no precip at all….she is in New South Wales part of Aussie Land!
                      I am glad McDuff feels better also.

                    13. It was there. Bev is a photographer like yourself & took a picture of the snow on ground & her boot print in it!!!! She is Bev Green on FB. her eis the link o that photo (I hope it works!)

                    14. LOL @ ‘so cool’!!!! That is what Bev said as she was so-o cold!!! they only have fireplace heating in their home….good thing she has heavy boots & coats etc.
                      32 F is like 10 F to Australians…they do not ‘do’ cold well 😉

  3. Back home, we used to have a huge pine tree outside our house. It had been there all my life. Now it’s gone snif

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