Serif or Sans

I have a real thing  for fonts.

For quite some time now, this blog has been sporting Noto Serif, which I fell in love with when I saw it used in the WordPress theme Twenty Fifteen. Many people think sans serif fonts are more suitable for plain text like this, others disagree and I can’t make up my mind what to think. I do admit that sometimes it strikes me a certain font is easy on the eyes — I remember thinking about that in NYTimes, for one. It’s probably not about the font alone — the size, line-height and colour also play an important role.

While I had the Mac there was one font I really liked, called Gill Sans, and I used it all the time for email. Kind of pointless though, because most likely the other person wouldn’t have it installed unless they had a Mac. That’s what’s so wonderful about Google Fonts, at least in the blog. If there’s any down-side to it, it would be one gets easily caught up browsing there — there are so many nice ones.

Now I’ve found a font in Goolge that looks pretty similar to Gill Sans — Lato — so I’ve applied it here in the blog text. The headlines are Merriweather.

The other day I was taken back to an old blog of mine, from 2011 — they have those Facebook Memories that show up every day, and there was a link to my own blog. It was baffling to see the small font I used!

It was Verdana 11px, I think …almost had to put my nose up against the screen to read!

What was I thinking?! I think we all have become used to a larger font size now, with the advent of all the mobile devices. Could, of course have something to do with my ageing eyes…

20 Replies to “Serif or Sans”

    1. Yes it is a bit bolder … I’m still not sure about that, but I always loved that look when I was using it in the email. It was only me who could see it, though … and and the other Mac-users.

          1. “I can see clearly now; the lens have cleared!! There are no obstacles in my way!!!” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
            The glasses fit well & after 10 minutes my eyes had adjusted fine. I called Wal-Mart & thanked them for all their help!
            Finally clear vision….. 🙂
            AND the Progressive Lens ARE covered under ODSP!!! So the previous Optician ripped me off 3 times in the 19 yrs I was going there!!!!! 😦

              1. Nothing can be done officially Rebby; however I have ‘put the word out’ around town so he will lose business!!! I am now referring people to Wal-Mart Optician. That is my payback 😉

                  1. I think their is same Optician Guild somewhere in the Province but I know how those places work. Put a complaint in & they band together & the person who complained ends up in trouble.

  1. There’s a post somewhere on Brian Gardner’s blog or Copyblogger about ‘good’ font combinations – and I tried one or two of them at some point – but I think it’s more fun and more rewarding to do what you are doing, and experiment. 🙂

    1. Right, he was the one who had the nice calculator for line-height … must check that out.

      Yes, it’s fun to experiment … what looks good to me, doesn’t necessarily look good to others.

  2. Oh I like that font! Really neat! I actually have no idea what font I have on my blog LOL I have to check that out!

    Hmmm I think I have the same problem with my ageing eyes…. :/

    1. There’s no way to change in free WordPress dot com, but different themes have different fonts. Like I said, TwentyFifteen has Noto Serif, and several others, I believe.

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