it’s all over

hp_envy15The long and boring story about my computer woes is now over, and I won’t go on about that any longer. I’m really pleased with my HP Envy 15. Settling in, in Windows and looking forward to seeing what Win10 might bring.

Yesterday was a day when I really should have brought the longer lens when we went out — saw oodles of those little, yellow birds that DSC_6803.NEF-minI love so much. However, I got this 🙂

I have yet to figure out how to tag pictures in Windows.


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      1. If you are able to take the machine to an Apple dealer and they run tests, the can tell you whether the RAM is faulty. If it is, then it is the easiest thing to swap in a machine.

        1. Yes, I will do it … it isn’t all that far after all. It is still working, up to a point, so at least I’ll be able to transfer a lot of stuff.

  1. I find the Windows 7 crop/tag program lacking. That is why I just PiZap everything. LOL.
    Say that HP Envy is quite snazzy Rebby…hurrah for getting a new PC that works & doesn’t overheat……Welcome ‘Nathan’….
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen
    P.S.: Nathan meet Tessa; Tessa meet Nathan hehehehe….

    1. I don’t know how to tag at all in Windows. Here in Win8 they have a programme called Pictures that is actually pretty good! Since I wrote that, I’ve installed both PhotoShop and Picasa so … no problem.

      Nathan’s very pleased to meet Tessa! ❤

      1. LOL @ Nathan meeting Tessa……
        I might check out Picasa sometime. PiZap works for me at the moment. It is just a bit of a pain having to Log In….but the cropping & framing features are great!

            1. It’s really handy for cropping, straightening and minor adjustments. It does have effects also … and it’s free. Best part [for me] is the organising … I don’t have to fire up Photoshop just to see which ones I need to throw away..

              1. I like PiZap for their variety of frames & stickers. I am learning to do more with it as time goes on!!! necessity IS the Mother of Invention, lol……

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