in hindsight

When I look back at those, few, days I had the Windows computer, I find what irked me the most wasn’t the Windows operating system or anything else like that — it was the screen! My Mac here isn’t even a Retina, but there’s a huge difference! Also, when I uploaded my photos and did the editing on the other computer, I found the colours seemed all washed out. I even tried to calibrate the screen, which I find difficult, butΒ it didn’t help. Now when I look at the few pictures I did, the colours seem overly saturated because of this. That was the main thing that took away from the whole experience, and I doubt I could have gotten used to it.

Apart from that, I think I could go either way. I missed my favourite app, DayOne, but found one for Windows that worked really well. Found it in GitHub — a site that really scares me because I don’t understand anything in there. The unknown is always scary, huh?! πŸ™‚ Managed to download and install it. Of course, it didn’t look as neat as DayOne, but still … it got the job done, by way of updating DayOne on my other devices.

When the day comes, and I have to get a new one … I just don’t know. One thing’s for sure … I’ll focus on the screen a lot more before I make any decision. This Mac — named Hadassah — seems to have a life of its own, that I have no control over. It was acting up so badly, and I’m not exaggerating here, so I expected it to give up its breath any minute — and after that debacle it’s been working flawlessly*. Still extremely slow, though … nothing’s changed there. Not slow on the web, but to do stuff, like to open the Finder or a programme … that takes ages. Just a matter of being patient … and here’s a picture of our cat πŸ™‚



He had a bad day, yesterday, because of a soggy, low pressure system that moved in on us. Spent most of hisΒ day tucked in, underneath my desk here. He’s our own barometer.

*UPDATE: I think I jinxed it when I wrote that. It has started again … rebooting, the flickering boxes.

18 Replies to “in hindsight”

  1. Am sorry to hear about your computer…. Especially as it seems you really liked that one, before it started to act up. I know that you are probably out there trying to find a new computer, if you haven’t already got it? Good Luck! Hope you’ll find one that you will enjoy! πŸ™‚

    Love that photo of McDuff!! Then again, he always look great on all photos!

    1. Yes, I loved my Mac but it was not to be, and now I’m a happy Windows user again. This one is really nice — fast and lots of power.

      McDuff sends you his purringly … he’s blushing a little now, when I told him what you said πŸ™‚

  2. I think Hadassah was a dud poor PC>>not its’ fault!!!!! These things can happen…aggravating as it is!
    All those programs baffle me; I admire you finding so many Apps & knowing what to do!
    McDuff is looking thoughtful there…wondering where the nice weather is I expect!!!
    {{hugs}} Sherri-Ellen

    1. Something had been afoot there for a long time … not just this, with the flickering boxes and reboots. For a while, I couldn’t open the ‘file manager’, unless I right-clicked on it … that’s serious business.

      Oh well, this is what I love to do … so much fun! πŸ™‚

      Clear skies now, and McDuff is in a very good mood … he sends his purringly.


      1. That makes sense in hindsight Rebby! I am glad you took Esther back & got Nathan. There is no point in having a dud PC….I should have taken Princess back & I was lucky she lasted 8 years. But I do not recommend that to others, lol.
        Siddhartha Henry sends his purrs to all of you there! ‘Purrfect’ day here Saturday! πŸ˜‰

        1. We got a friendly, little cloud cover here today, otherwise it would have been too hot for my taste. It’s a very nice day … It gets more humid as the sun sets [dew point?], but it’s still not all that bad. I’m thankful ..

          1. The dew point is the measurement of the ground temp.
            So if the ground soaks in a lot of heat that would account for the higher humidity!!!!
            I am glad it is a nice day there. It is lovely here. I have only been out for a few minutes tho’. W/out a tree for shade it is not the same!

              1. HUH this is interesting Rebby. At 8:30 pm tonite our temp is 21 C an the dew point is only 11 C so the ground is actually still quite cool…no wonder it feels cold in my place. I am on ground floor & no basement. With you being on 9th floor there is no actual dew point so you are feeling the warm air that is rising πŸ˜‰

      1. The weather is lovely today & I am so glad! I figured we would have a mild Summer & I am glad. Without any trees for shade it is good things are mild!!!!
        Tessa is running very well πŸ˜‰

          1. We have days of cool & fog; then hot & sunny & the cycle repeats again!
            It is 65 F tonite but the wind is out of the Northwest so it feels quite cool…..
            I sent the warm weather your way!!! πŸ˜‰

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