The Clouds


I love looking at clouds, but nowadays there’s also another kind of cloud — the storage cloud. I have iCloud, Google Drive/Google Photos … there’s DropBox and I guess you could say Flickr is a cloud too. The most confusing of them all is Apple’s iCloud. It used to be very straightforward and nice, but something has changed. All the photos I took with the phone, during the run of a day, used to show up, magically, on my computer. I think they still do, but I don’t always know how to find them. It’s something so utterly complicated so I get that «boiling brain» syndrome again. If I turn on iPhotos or whatever on the computer, it tries to send all my photos to the iPhone (!!!).

Before, when I opened the ‘Finder’ [same as the File Manager in Windows], I used to be able to find my iPhone photos there, and I still do … at times. Like here, in WordPress, when I hit the upload button, then they show up, but not when I just try to go an look at them. I won’t go on about this … it’s too dizzying.

Here in Canada we have a magazine called MacLean’s, which is very similar to TIME magazine. We subscribe to it, and right now Apple has some kind of campaign: The back cover of the magazine is some beautiful photo and it says: «Shot with iPhone6». I sit there and gaze at those photos, thinking “I certainly haven’t put much effort into my iPhone photography! I own this beautiful phone and I don’t do much with it … just some silly snaps”. So the last, two days, I’ve tried to shape up.

It’s a good time for that, as all kinds of beautiful wildflowers are out now. Here’s a small gallery of my latest efforts [click to view].



5 Replies to “The Clouds”

  1. I have some wrid things going on with my smartphone as well…. when it comes about pictures! I wanted to look what photos I did have on my phone the other day and suddenly I could see all my photos from the computer as well?? Even some photos I had forgotten that obviously were on my Google account that I didn’t know I had lol. Soooo weird!

    I love clouds too! 🙂 Can just sit for a long time and watch them. And I also love taking photos of them. That is some really nice “airy” clouds you got there!

    LOVE love them photos you have taken with your iPhone! So pretty, all of them!

    1. Your phone is an Android … you have a Google/Gmail account associated with it, so your phone pictures get backed up to Google Photos. I have an app on the computer that backs up ALL my photos to Google Photos. You have unlimited storage when you set choose the picture size 2048px.

      1. So true about the Gmail account! It was just that I had had my phone for a long time and the other photos had not popped up and then one day they suddenly did and I got surprised LOL

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